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Farragut North

Emily and Jerry Spiegel Theater, South Campus

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We're in the midst of the Iowa caucuses. Stephen Bellamy, the whiz-kid press secretary for front-runner Governor Morris, sees himself as riding high and in firm stead with campaign manager Paul Zara. Confident in his skills after a five-year rise to his current position, Stephen has seemingly made no mistakes -- until he accepts a meeting with Tom Duffy, the campaign manager for Morris' leading opponent.

Stephen's last-second decision to not inform Paul about the meeting beforehand begins a downfall with tidal-wave ramifications for both. Before you can say "Sarah Palin," the gaggle of calculating combatants is caught in a vortex of downwardly-spiraling double-crosses, finally culminating in one last, particularly nasty twist.

Presented at the Frenetic Theatre, 5102 Navigation Boulevard, Houston.

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