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The Rocky Horror Show

79th Avenue Theatre at the Myrtle Beach Higher Education Center

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The musical that became a movie and started a 35-year nonstop cultural phenomenon is back where it is meant to be seen—live on stage! A sexy, wild, funny, tongue-in-cheek interactive time warp through a kaleidoscope of camp with a musical score that has become iconic! On a dark and stormy night, Brad Majors and his innocent fiancée Janet Weiss find themselves in a mysterious castle- and their bizarre adventures begin in this rock musical spoof of old horror movies and a celebration of love, lust, manipulation, creation, satisfaction and biological advancement! For mature audiences.


MAGENTA: Alexa Doggett
BRAD: Michael Lawrence
JANET: Hannah Zilber
RIFF RAFF: Charlie Tingen
COLUMBIA: Lexie Wohlfort
FRANK 'N' FURTER: Taylor Wright
ROCKY: Aaron Burr
EDDIE / DR. SCOTT: Elliott Scott Smith
PHANTOMS : Laura Pierpont, Anna Sheridan,
Gabrielle Harker, Jennifer Pagano
Drew Taylor, Connor DeVoe,
Tyler Keller


The Rocky Horror Show
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