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Bigfoot and Other Lost Souls

Coastal Carolina University - 79th Avenue Theatre

Coastal Carolina University - Conway, SC


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Bernie Bernstein- Shannon Burke
Rudy Guevera- Caleb Jernigan
Sheriff Martha- Emily Brockway
Maggie Stevens- Equity Actor TBA
Nicolai Stevens- Equity Actor TBA
Maximum Grey- Ryan Shaefer
FBI Agent #1/Brian- Robert Stetson
FBI Agent #2/Susan- Alexa Doggett
Olsa McGregor- Hannah Zilber
Donny McGregor- Justin Ables
Paramedic #1/Bill- Michael Lawrence
Paramedic #2/Hillary- Amanda Jeter

Swings/Understudies: Amanda Jeter, Michael Lawrence, Eric Waters, Charlie Tingen, Sydney Hough Revised Cast List:

Bernie Bernstein: Shannon Burke
Rudy Guevera: Caleb Jernigan
Nicolai Stevenson: David Bankston
Maggie Stevenson: Monica Bell
Sheriff Martha: Emily Beth Brockway
Maximum Grey: Ryan Shaefer
FBI #1 (Brian): Robert Stetson
FBI #2 (Susan): Alexa Doggett
Osla McGregor: Hannah Zilber
Donny McGregor: Justin Ables
Homeless #1/Jesse James/Baby Bigfoot: Michael Lawrence
Homeless #2/Belinda/Mama Bigfoot: Sydney Hough

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