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Illinois Wesleyan University

Wesleyan University - Middletown, CT


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This is the immortal tale of a crafty hypocrite who feigns honesty, human compassion, and piety, but in reality takes advantage of his naïve and gullible host in a calculating and ruthless manner. This delicious, sharp-witted, and insightful comedy/farce was written in 1664, and has been delighting audiences ever since. It also remains one of the most frequently performed plays of all time! Written wholly in exquisite contemporary verse.


Tartuffe...Chase Miller, senior BFA Music Theatre
Madame Pennelle...Allie Torres, junior BFA Acting
Orgon...Josh Conrad, senior BFA Music Theatre
Elmire...Kate Fitzgerald, sophomore BFA Acting
Dorine...Amy Stockhaus, junior BFA Music Theatre
Cleante...Ian Coulter-Buford, senior BFA Music Theatre
Mariane...Rosalie Alspach,sophomore BA
Damis...Blake Brauer, senior BFA Music Theatre
Valere...Zach Wagner, sophomore BA
Flipote...Casey Cudmore, sophomore BFA Acting
Loyal...Elliott Plowman, sophomore BFA Acting
Officer...Josh Levinson, junior BFA Music Theatre

Production Team:
Nancy Loitz (Director)
Dr. James Mathews (Dramaturg)


Translating "Tartuffe" at IWU

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