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Election Day

Illinois Wesleyan University

Wesleyan University - Middletown, CT


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The race for Mayor is coming down to the wire and Adam’s activist girlfriend
Brenda won’t stop reminding him to vote. But when Brenda leaves her apartment to campaign one last time, Adam’s directive is waylayed by his sex-starved sister, her anarchist boyfriend, and the opposing Mayoral candidate himself. Between a kidnapping conspiracy, a sack of molotov cocktails, a sex-for-votes exchange and one severely stoned eco-terrorist, the question remains—-will Adam ever make it to the voting booth? Directed by Michael J. Driscoll. Performances at the Union County Performing Arts Center.

Cast Members:
Adam...Adam Walleser (sophomore BFA Music Theatre)
Brenda...Jenna Haimes (sophomore BFA Music Theatre)
Edmund...Josh Levinson (junior BFA Music Theatre)
Cleo...Caitlin Borek (senior BFA Music Theatre)
Jerry...Isaac Sherman (junior BFA Music Theatre)

Production Team:
Allison Sutton (Director/senior BA)
Morgan Latiolais (Stage Manager/sophomore BFA Acting)
Tristan Meredith (Scene Designer/senior BA)
Becca Lydon (Costume Designer/junior BFA Design/Tech)
Matt Hohmann (Lighting Designer/sophomore BFA Design/Tech)
Christopher Connelly (Faculty Advisor)


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