BWW TV: Tomas falsas 2011/2012

A pesar de ser unos profesionales y estar impecables en todos los reportajes de BroadwayWorld Spain, nuestros reporteros tambien se equivocan y se lo pasan bien a la hora de trabajar. ¡Ahora podrás ver en exclusiva las tomas falsas más divertidas que nuestro equipo nos ha dejado esta temporada!


BWW TV: Tomas falsas 2011/2012
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Nuria Frutos Nuria Frutos was born in Sabadell, Barcelona. She is studying pre-university and has always loved performing arts, such as theatre and musicals. She started collaborating with Palco5 in 2009, covering the events she’s been able to in Barcelona, which meant the opportunity to share her two passions, photography and musical theatre, and the chance to share all kind of news with musical-theatre lovers. She feels lucky for being in Broadwayworld and collaborating with all the team, letting her know about musical events all around the world.

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