UCT Drama Department to Stage TITUS ANDRONICUS

Mellon Visiting Scholar, Professor Jeffrey Sichel is in residence with The Drama Department directing a production of William Shakespeare's Titus Andronicus. Titus is said to be The Bard's bloodiest and most violent work, dealing with dehumanization, rape, marginalization and cycles of revenge.

Sichel, working alongside Associate Professor, Geoffrey Hyland has been engaging the students of The Third Year Acting Studio in an inclusive process which has been empowering them to give voice to their outrage regarding the issues brought up in the play as experienced in our contemporary culture.

Sichel's area of specialization is in explorations of theatrical experience in post-colonial cultures. Prior to arriving in Cape Town to work on this production he spent six month in India exploring Titus in that cultural context.

Sichel says that "What South Africa has given me is a way to explore gender, sexuality, race and ethnicity in ways that have not been possible in other target cultures within my practice and research. The students in South Africa are remarkable open and mature allowing for deep levels of engagement."

UCT Drama is a Founding Member of the recently established UNESCO - International Theatre Institute Network for Higher Education in The Performing Arts of which Sichel is The Establishing Director.

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