Female Directors Win Big at AFDA Awards

Female Directors Win Big at AFDA Awards

45 hotly contested AFDA Awards were presented in the film, TV and performance awards held at AFDA in Observatory on Thursday, 28th November 2013.

Thea Small's THE OTHER WOMEN raked in 8 nominations and 4 AFDA Gold wins to secure the AFDA Best 4th Year Film and Critics' Award. Small's film is about a school teacher who moonlights as a "high class" hooker by night. "Winning awards is always nice, but winning an award for doing something you love - well that's pretty darn great," she said.

"The film is extraordinary in the maturity and sensitivity of the performances by Tapiwa Musvosvi and Tanja van Deventer," added AFDA Chairman, Garth Holmes.

The Best 3rd year film was also won by a female director, Kirsty Lotz, for her film THREESOME, which deals with Generation Y's sexual attitudes and relationships.

The top 5 films, as decided by the audience and critics panel will be sent to over 30 festivals worldwide. THE OTHER WOMEN will also be proposed as a contender for best foreign student film at the 2014 Oscars as well as an International Film School candidate for the CILECT awards.

AFDA was founded in 1994 by Garth Holmes, Bata Passchier and Deon Opperman. From its early beginnings of 6 students, a rented VCR and broken TV, it has become one of the leading institutions of its kind in the world today. AFDA has over 1200 students, over 100 full-time staff and fully equipped campus and facilities. It has produced some of the top film-makers and actors in South Africa today and has made a significant contribution to developing a sustainable local entertainment industry.

The overall goal of AFDA is to develop an institution that meaningfully contributes to South African nation building and rewards all stakeholders by providing a stimulating and globally integrated tertiary learning experience, that empowers graduates with recognised professional skills levels, creating a pool of highly talented alumni that will contribute to growing an economically viable South African entertainment industry.

For more information about enrolling at AFDA please visit www.afda.co.za or contact 0214487600 during office hours.

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