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Theatre Information

Manhattan Theatre Club Stage II (New York, NY)
131 West 55th Street

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Restaurants Near Four

Restaurant Guide
  • Carnegie Deli (854 Seventh Avenue)
  • Redeye Grill (890 7th Avenue)
  • Trattoria dell' Arte (900 7th Avenue)
  • Alain Ducasse (The Essex House) (155 West 58th Street)
  • Moda--Modern Italian (135 West 52nd Street)
  • Rue 57 (60 West 57th Street)
  • South Gate (154 Central Park South)
  • La Bonne Soupe (48 West 56th Street)
  • China Grill (60 West 53rd Street)
  • Patsy's Italian Restaurant (236 West 56th Street)
  • Art Cafe (1657 Broadway)
  • Beacon Restaurant (25 West 56th Street)
  • Ellen's Stardust Diner (1650 Broadway)
  • Providence (311 W 57th St)
  • Ruby Foo's (1626 Broadway)
  • Palm Restaurant West (250 West 50th Street)
  • La Grenouille (3 East 52nd Street)
  • Tout Va Bien (311 West 51st Street)
  • Oceo (224 West 49th Street)
  • Hakata (230 West 48th Street)

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