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Playhouse Theatre (New York, NY)
137 W. 48th St.

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Restaurants Near A Family Affair

Restaurant Guide
  • Restaurant Charlotte (145 W 44th St)
  • The Stadium Grill at Bowlmor Lanes (222 W 44th St)
  • Victor's Cafe (236 W 52nd St)
  • Aureole at Times Square (135 W 42nd St)
  • Don't Tell Mama NYC (343 West 46th Street)
  • Rosie O'Grady's Restaurant (800 Seventh Ave)
  • Le Rivage (340 West 46th Street)
  • TGI Friday's (761 7th Avenue )
  • Charley O's (713 8th Avenue)
  • Bistecca Fiorentina (317 W 46th St)
  • Le Bernardin (155 W 51st St)
  • Barbetta Restaurant (321 West 46th Street)
  • Sushi of Gari (347 W 46th St)
  • Bobby Van's Steakhouse (120 W 45th St)
  • Bangkok House (360 W 46th St)
  • My Belly's Playlist (237 W 42nd St)
  • La Pulperia (371 W 46 St)
  • Brazil Brazil (328 W 46th St)
  • Nan King Chinese Cuisine (1632 Broadway)
  • Da Marino (220 W 49th St)

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