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New Victory to Open 2016-17 Season with TWENTY THOUSAND LEAGUES UNDER THE SEA
by BWW News Desk - Aug 30, 2016

Astonishing sea creatures! Colossal battleships! Uncharted undersea worlds! Get swept away by this wildly inventive reimagining of a classic tale. (more...)

Windy City Playhouse Announces Casting for APARTMENT 3A
by BWW News Desk - Aug 30, 2016

Windy City Playhouse, Chicago's most sophisticated theater, presents the Chicago premiere of Apartment 3A by Emmy award-winning, twice Tony award-nominated actor/musician Jeff Daniels. (more...)

IT'S A WONDERFUL LIFE: A LIVE RADIO PLAY and More Set for Washington Stage Guild's 2016-17 Season
by BWW News Desk - Aug 30, 2016

The Washington Stage Guild announces the 2016-2017 season of our distinctive repertory, an array of eloquent plays of idea and argument, passion and wit-smart theatre for a smart town! (more...)

FOX's THE ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW Celebrates Another Decadent Transformation Tuesday
by Michael Dale - Aug 30, 2016

FOX's THE ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW has declared every Tuesday as #TransformationTuesday, with a new piece of Twitter content revealed every week. (more...)

Le French Book Offers International Bestsellers at 99 cents
by BWW News Desk - Aug 30, 2016

Mystery and thriller publisher Le French Book is dedicated to hand-picking, translating and publishing top crime Fiction from Europe. Their catalogue includes a number of top-selling mystery and thriller writers from France, including Frédérique Molay, author of the best-selling Paris Homicide series, and Eric Giacometti and Jacques Ravenne, who have penned the worldwide bestselling Antoine Marcas Freemason series. (more...)

Anthony Magyar & Jason Sibley Pen DARE YA!
by BWW News Desk - Aug 30, 2016

Dare Ya! by Anthony Magyar & Jason Sibley is a clutching story of Mississippi penitentiary inmates creating unrivaled wealth behind bars. They monopolized a grueling environment and managed to maintain status quo until paroled. After release, they devise a method of challenging thrill seekers across the globe making millions. Their mind-boggling success captures focus of a mysterious nemesis who threatens the operation. Death, deceit, and family safety turns the main character's focus from money to survival. (more...)

Dark Comedy STORAGE LOCKER to Play IATI Theater This October
by BWW News Desk - Aug 30, 2016

That people try to get rich off the contents of repossessed storage units is sort of tragic and shocking. Playwright Jeff Stolzer makes provocative dark comedy of it in his new play, 'Storage Locker,' which will be produced Off-Broadway October 7 to 30 by IATI Theater, 64 East 4th Street, which developed the piece in its Cimientos play development program.  Julian J. Mesri directs. (more...)

Newly Released DAGAH: THE GREAT FISH is a Whale of a Tale
by BWW News Desk - Aug 29, 2016

We are familiar with the story of Jonah, a Bible story of epic proportions told of a man who is swallowed whole by a whale. But have we ever considered the story from the whale's point of view? 'Dagah: The Great Fish' is just that, the tale of a great whale who was called upon by God to participate in a mission far greater than he could have imagined. 'When my friend Inky asked the question - what did the whale think - it inspired me to create a colorful children's book that would explore the relationship the fish had with God and how he came to swallow Jonah,' said author Victoria McCarty. 'The question was asked jokingly but Inky really helped me delve into the story further and imagine what it would be like to be asked to do something far outside our comfort zone. 'Dagah: The Great Fish' explores that experience. How do we respond when we are asked to do something we are sure we cannot.' In the story 'Dagah: The Great Fish,' the main character is swimming along happily when he hears a voice that asks him to leave the comforts of home, food, and shelter and travel into the cold, dark waters of the unknown. Through a strong faith and trust in God, Dagah travels into a variety of interesting places and plays a major role in the story of Jonah, a simple man that God is also used for far greater good. 'Dagah: The Great Fish' is Victoria's own experience in being asked to do something out of the norm. Prior to this story, Victoria has enjoyed writing but it was a very private endeavor. However, with 'Dagah: The Great Fish' she felt called upon to create a story of faith and share it with the world. 'My hope is that 'Dagah: The Great Fish' will resonate with young readers,' said McCarty. 'Children have all experienced times when teachers, parents and other adults in their life have asked them to do something they felt was too difficult. Hopefully 'Dagah: The Great Fish' will teach them that through faith and trust in God, who is always at their side offering support and comfort, they can accomplish great things.' 'Not only is this a wonderful children's story,' said Lisa Umina, founder and publisher of Halo Publishing International, 'but it is also a tale that will inspire parents to seek out more information about Jonah and other stories in the Bible that focus on God's love and the importance of trusting in Him.' Victoria's story is accompanied by the beautiful art of her sister, Sarah Holtsberg, who is currently attending college. Her drawings bring the story of Dagah to life. 'Dagah: The Great Fish' is available through Halo Publishing as well as Amazon and Barnes and Noble. About Victoria McCarty: Victoria McCarty is an art teacher, writer and active participant in children's ministry in rural Carroll County, Maryland. She resides with her husband, dog, and cat focusing on church activities and creating studio artwork. Sharing God's word in creative ways is one of Victoria's passions. 'Dagah: The Great Fish' is her first published work. About Halo Publishing International Halo Publishing International is a self-publishing company that publishes adult Fiction and non-Fiction, children's literature, self-help, spiritual, and faith-based books. We continually strive to help authors reach their publishing goals and provide many different services that help them do so. Press & Media Contact: Lisa M. Umina, Publisher Halo Publishing International 1100 NW Loop 410, Suite 700-176 San Antonio, TX 78213 - USA +1 877-705-9647 (more...)

Roger Davis Releases GREYWYCKE
by BWW News Desk - Aug 29, 2016

Can duty overpower the heart's desire? (more...)

Film Society of Lincoln Center Announces Shorts Programs and New Section Explorations
by Movies News Desk - Aug 29, 2016

The Film Society of Lincoln Center announces Explorations, a new section featuring bold selections from the vanguard of contemporary cinema, and Main Slate shorts for the 54th New York Film Festival (September 30 - October 16). (more...)

Innovativ Media (INMG) Launches Premium Online Channel HPLovecraft.TV
by BWW News Desk - Aug 29, 2016


Paula Poundstone at Bay Street Theater on September 22
by BWW News Desk - Aug 29, 2016

Bay Street Theater & Sag Harbor Center for the Arts is pleased to announce a special Fall Comedy Show with Paula Poundstone, onThursday, September 22. The show is suggested for ages 17 and up. The evening is sponsored in part by Dan's Papers. Tickets on sale now at or by calling the Box Office at 631-725-9500. (more...)

'The Girl Who Tried to Catch the Moon' is Released
by BWW News Desk - Aug 29, 2016

You've heard the quote 'if at first you don't succeed, try-try again.' The main character in this new children's picture, 'The Girl Who Tried to Catch the Moon' brings the idea of being persistent to life. First time author, Ashby Bland, brilliantly captures the idea of working toward a goal with a simple, yet profound voice. 'I want young readers to have the confidence to go for their dreams,' said Ashby Bland, author and recently enrolled freshman at Columbia University. 'Too many are quick to tell people they can't do something; this book was written to encourage readers to set their goals and then persistently work towards achieving them.' Ms. Bland first penned 'The Girl Who Tried to Catch' the Moon when she was just four years old. Over the years she would stumble upon the story and make little refinements but the message always stayed the same. 'You can do anything you put your mind to,' said Bland. People discouraged Ms. Bland from applying to Columbia University, number four on the list of most difficult universities to get into according to the 2016 Hardest to Get survey which ranks 1,349 colleges based on acceptance rates. However, she had a goal of attending college there and set her sights on being accepted. She begins her freshman year this fall where she is studying Creating Writing. Ms. Bland has been writing short stories, poems and novels since her early childhood and hopes that her first book, 'The Girl Who Tried to Catch the Moon' is the start of a series of stories about girls and boys who try different things in their life. 'I know that young readers will be captivated by the colorful illustrations that accompany this inspiring tale,' said Lisa Umina, founder and publisher of Halo Publishing International. 'Ashby has written a wonderful story that will help children see that, even if a dream seems impossible, like catching the moon, if you try hard enough you just might be successful.' 'I am excited to see this story come to life and be available for children all over,' said Bland. 'I hope young readers are encouraged by this story of having a dream, working hard, overcoming obstacles, and problem solving to eventually see your dream become a reality.' Certainly for Ms. Bland, this delightful story is a testament to her persistence, problem solving skills and ultimate success. 'The Girl Who Tried to Catch the Moon' is available in hard cover for $18.95 through: Halo Publishing - Amazon - Barnes and Noble - About Ashby Bland: Ashby Bland is an eighteen year old writer and artist from Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. She is currently a freshman at Columbia University in the City of New York. In the future, Ashby will continue to create thought-provoking works of art and literature. About Halo Publishing International: Halo Publishing International is a self-publishing company that publishes adult Fiction and non-Fiction, children's literature, self-help, spiritual, and faith-based books. We continually strive to help authors reach their publishing goals and provide many different services that help them do so. Press & Media Contact: Lisa M. Umina, Publisher Halo Publishing International 1100 NW Loop 410, Suite 700-176 San Antonio, TX 78213 - USA +1 877-705-9647 (more...)

Le French Book Announces AmazonCrossing Will Publish the International Release of LOOKING TO THE WOODS
by BWW News Desk - Aug 29, 2016

Le French Book, a mystery and thriller publisher dedicated to handpicking and translating top crime Fiction from France, announces that AmazonCrossing will publish the Paris-based mystery, LOOKING TO THE WORDS. This title is part of the Paris Homicide series by award-winning author Frédérique Molay-whose writing Cara Black says 'blends suspense, authentic police procedure and ratcheting tension.' (more...)

Michael S. Cook-Hoar Releases WHO FATES BEFALL
by BWW News Desk - Aug 29, 2016

Michael S. Cook-Hoar, a dedicated Fiction writer and student of media, has completed his new book 'Who Fates Befall': a hair-raising thriller in which a canon of supernatural beings turns a bereaved husband's plans for revenge into full-blown spiritual warfare. (more...)

Rare Historical Novel, 'Khafa The High Priestess' by Lory La Selva Paduano is Released
by BWW News Desk - Aug 29, 2016

Elevation Book Publishing will release Khafa The High Priestess December 6, 2016 in bookstores across the United States. ( 'It's exciting to be a part of the historical romance genre revitalization,' says Rhonda Wilson Publisher. (more...)

Anne Sofie von Otter to Release SO MANY THINGS via Brooklyn Rider
by BWW News Desk - Aug 29, 2016

Brooklyn Rider, the game-changing string quartet hailed as 'the future of chamber music' (Strings), releases a new album with Grammy Award-winning Swedish mezzo-soprano Anne Sofie von Otter on Nailve Classique on September 30. (more...)

David Berry Cast as 'Lord John Grey' in Hit Starz Series OUTLANDER
by TV News Desk - Aug 29, 2016

Starz, in association with Sony Pictures Television, has announced today that David Berry (“A Place to Call Home”) will play the role of “Lord John Grey” in the hit series OUTLANDER. (more...)

Jonnathan Strawthorne Releases 'THE CAUSALITY OF TIME'
by BWW News Desk - Aug 28, 2016

'THE CAUSALITY OF TIME' (published by Trafford Publishing) by author Jonnathan Strawthorne is a story of antiquity forgotten by most people of this twenty first century however the hopes, dreams and aspirations of the characters are no less poignant for today. Has 3,000 years truly changed the nature of man? Have the questions humanity asked through millennia been answered? (more...)

Stray Dog Theatre to Present Richard O'Brien's THE ROCKY HORROR SHOW
by BWW News Desk - Aug 28, 2016

The cult classic musical is back! After a flat tire has them stuck in a storm, sweethearts Brad and Janet come upon the eerie mansion of Dr. Frank?N?Furter. Once inside, a houseful of colorful characters take the couple on a bizarre journey they will never forget. Richard O'Brien's The Rocky Horror Show is an over?the?top tribute to mid?20th century science Fiction and horror B?movies. (more...)

BWW Review: Leslye Headland's THE LAYOVER, The Aftermath Of A One Night Stand
by Michael Dale - Aug 26, 2016

If the plot and characters of Leslye Headland new drama THE LAYOVER appear to be contemporary versions of some old film noir feature you used to watch so often on VHS that the images on the tape deteriorated into grey and white streaks, it may be merely be a suggestion planted into your head by video designer Jeff Sugg, who flashes the faded black and white images before us at lightening speeds between scenes. (more...)

Historical Fiction Takes the Stage in REVOLUTION at Teatro Paraguas
by BWW News Desk - Aug 26, 2016

Teatro Paraguas presents Revolution, a play about Fernando Reyes' journey involving Love, Self, and Tierra y Libertad, by Alix Hudson, directed by Malcolm Morgan, and running September 29 - October 16. (more...)

Sci-Fi Series 'The Black Guard' is Announced
by BWW News Desk - Aug 26, 2016

In the first book, 'The Least Favorite Child,' Rivka is just that - and a girl. So it is no surprise that her father selects her, at age six, to comply with the country's conscription law. Sent away to the military to be raised and trained, the child is told at orientation: (more...)

New Short-Story Collection by Duain D. Bennett is Released
by BWW News Desk - Aug 26, 2016

Dog Ear Publishing presents author Duain D. Bennett's latest collection of imaginative, innovative short stories. In part one, readers will encounter an array of fascinating characters, from a fighter pilot who is eager to walk through the pearly gates of Heaven but is consistently turned away by St. Peter because he fails to meet the primary requirement, to a wife who gains control over her husband in an interesting and exciting manner. The stories starring in 'In Different Relms and More' include a young woman who acts as Satan's bounty hunter and a couple with a GPS that is truly out of this world. In another, 22nd century Earth's population has exploded; in hopes of finding a viable solution to their problem, the residents take to the stars. It's their hope that a newly discovered planet, Salamanca, could be the answer they've sought, but will it be? In another tale, a science-Fiction treasure hunt is kicked off when an ancient scroll tells of three ruby tablets. There is more than one seeker, but who will win? 'In Different Relms and More' is a rollicking, joyful compilation of unique tales with a sci-fi twist. No matter their mood, readers will find a story to suit them, be it adventure, fantasy, humor or intrigue. Author Duain D. Bennett's interest in astronomy and motor sports inform his writing. He's a retired carpenter and a doting grandfather, and he lives in Las Vegas. For additional information, please visit In Different Relms and More Duain D. Bennett Dog Ear Publishing ISBN: 978-1-4575-4739-3 388 pages $20.95 US Available at Ingram,, Barnes & Noble and fine bookstores everywhere. About Dog Ear Publishing, LLC Dog Ear Publishing offers completely customized self-publishing services for independent authors. We provide cost-effective, fast, and highly profitable services to publish and distribute independently published books. Our book publishing and distribution services reach worldwide. Dog Ear authors retain all rights and complete creative control throughout the entire self-publishing process. Dog Ear Publishing reviews services and other book marketing services are available to connect great content with interested readers. Self-publishing services are available globally at and from our offices in Indianapolis. Dog Ear Publishing - self-publishing that actually makes sense. (more...)

Writer and Rider Craig Johnson to Speak at Writers in the Loft
by BWW News Desk - Aug 26, 2016

Looking for a mystery? Longing for the West? Bikers, are you looking to add a stop on your group ride?  Cruise through Portsmouth, NH, on Sept 14 to hear bestselling author and biker Craig Johnson talk about his latest book in the popular Longmire series (on A&E/Netflix, also in bookstores). (more...)

Director Caatje van Leeuwen's Cinema Collaboratorium to Sponsor 12th Annual LA Femme Film Festival
by Movies News Desk - Aug 26, 2016

Caatje van Leeuwen is a Dutch-born filmmaker who is dedicated to creating motion pictures that tell inspiring, slice of life stories that weave larger social issues with intimate glimpses into the relationships of everyday people. (more...)

Tjasa Ferme's WILD CHILD IN THE CITY Kicks Off Theaterlab's Fall Season
by BWW News Desk - Aug 25, 2016

Theaterlab (Orietta Crispino, Artistic Director; Jolene Noelle, Program Director) opens its 2016 Fall in Love with Solo season with Tjasa Ferme's one-woman show Wild Child In The City, an absurdist comedy chronicling her quest to find a livable apartment in New York City. (more...)

NY Film Academy Student Showcase to Open the Market at 73rd Venice Film Festival
by Movies News Desk - Aug 25, 2016

The New York Film Academy (NYFA) is proud to announce a special student showcase as part of this year's 73rd Venice Film Festival Market. (more...)

Bryan Wiggins' AUTUMN IMAGO Set for Release, 9/27
by BWW News Desk - Aug 25, 2016

Paul Strand's estrangement from his family has landed him in the one place they thought they would never return to: the rural Maine state park where his little sister drowned years before. But when his mother's escalating Alzheimer's disease creates a crisis that calls him home, Paul is pressured into hosting a family reunion in the park. (more...)

K. Hollan Van Zandt's WRITTEN IN THE ASHES to Be Released, 9/27
by BWW News Desk - Aug 25, 2016

After she is abducted from her home in the mountains of Sinai, a servant girl named Hannah is enslaved and taken to Alexandria, where she becomes the property of Alizar-an alchemist and pagan secretly working to preserve his culture. Revered for her beautiful singing voice, the young slave is invited to perform at the city's Great Library, where she becomes friends with the famous mathematician and philosopher, Hypatia, as well as other pagans who curate its magnificent collections. Determined to help them uphold pagan culture and traditions, Hannah embarks on a dangerous quest to unite the fractured pieces of the Emerald Tablet-the last hope to save the pagans and create peace. (more...)

BWW Review: Annie Golden stars as Annie Golden in BROADWAY BOUNTY HUNTER
by Justin J Sacramone - Aug 25, 2016

Broadway Bounty Hunter, a new musical which opened at Barrington Stage Company on August 19th, celebrates the history of B-list movies and modern musical theatre by blending them together in hilarious fashion. At the center of this high-antic musical is Joe Iconis' psychedelic score- a surreal composure in lush form thanks to Charlie Rosen's orchestrations. Broadway Bounty Hunter proves musical theatre reaches its apex when risk is taken and boundaries are broken. (more...)

Britney Spears Biopic In the Works at Lifetime
by TV News Desk - Aug 25, 2016

Lifetime has ordered the two-hour biopic Britney (working title), detailing the tumultuous story of pop icon Britney Spears' rise to fame, fall from grace and eventual triumphant resurrection, firmly securing her position as one of the world's greatest entertainers. Production begins this September in Vancouver for a 2017 premiere on Lifetime. (more...)

PHOTO: First Look - Kristin Chenoweth Takes On 'Divine' Role in Starz's AMERICAN GODS
by TV News Desk - Aug 25, 2016


BWW Interview: John Copeland on What Anita Bryant Did & Has Done for Him Lately
by Gil Kaan - Aug 25, 2016

Playwright/actor John Copeland's latest theatrical project ANITA BRYANT'S PLAYBOY INTERVIEW recounts a specific incident in the truth-is-stranger-than-Fiction saga of the former Miss Oklahoma and runner-up to Miss America whose 'Save Our Children' campaign fought to repeal gay rights in Dale County, Florida in 1977.  (more...)

Avraham Azrieli's DEBORAH RISING Set for Release, 9/27
by BWW News Desk - Aug 25, 2016

Deborah's father dreamed that his daughter would one day become a prophet of the God of the Israelites. But the social and religious mores of her time dictated that a woman must marry-even against her will-and obey her husband. When Deborah is forced into an engagement with the violent son of her local judge, the young Hebrew woman rebels, determined to forge a path of her own. (more...)

Google, Walgreens, Sears, IBM, The U.S. Federal Reserve, Capital One, PayPal, Discover, FIS Global, Android Pay, Hewlett Packard, Urban Airship, Vantiv, ZooZ, AP Technolo
by BWW News Desk - Aug 25, 2016


Showtime to Premiere Documentary GRINGO: THE DANGEROUS LIFE OF JOHN McAFEE, 9/24
by TV News Desk - Aug 25, 2016

SHOWTIME continues to expand its slate of bold documentaries under the Showtime Documentary Films banner with GRINGO: THE DANGEROUS LIFE OF JOHN McAFEE, a new feature-length film making its world television premiere on Saturday, September 24th (more...)

Robert J. Blackwell Jr. Releases DEER ISLAND IN AUTUMN
by BWW News Desk - Aug 25, 2016

Robert J. Blackwell Jr., a lifelong resident of his beloved state Louisiana, has completed his new book 'Deer Island in Autumn': a novel in two volumes that portrays life in the lower Atchafalaya River Basin in Louisiana and its tributaries from 1840 to 1921. (more...)

Andrew Gould Announces ANGELICA
by BWW News Desk - Aug 25, 2016

Andrew Gould, a man devoted to both practicing law and the art of writing good Fiction, has completed his new book 'Angelica': a ferociously vivid depiction of a breaking point in the ages-old supernatural battle between good and evil. (more...)

New Season of Science Channel's NASA'S UNEXPLAINED FILES Premieres 8/30
by TV News Desk - Aug 24, 2016

NASA'S UNEXPLAINED FILES returns Tuesday, August 30 at 9PM to dive deeper into the archives of the world's top space agency along with other firsthand accounts to reveal confounding mysteries from outer space. (more...)

New Drama and Musical to Headline New York New Works Theatre Festival This Fall
by BWW News Desk - Aug 24, 2016

Two distinctive pieces of theater - a drama about pioneering gay illustrator J.C. Leyendecker, and a musical comedy version of the Greek classic Electra - will be featured in this year's New York New Works Theatre Festival, August 29 through September 14. (more...)

Nominations Announced for 6th Annual STREAMY AWARDS
by TV News Desk - Aug 24, 2016

With help from host and 2016 Streamy Award nominee GloZell Green, along with presenters Andrea Russett, Brittany Furlan, Chester See, Lohanthony, Merrell Twins and others, Tubefilter and dick clark productions announced today the nominees for the 6th Annual Streamy Awards (more...)

ad:tech New York Releases November 2016 Show Schedule Spotlighting Industry Wide Tech Innovation in Video, Mobile, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Wearables, IoT, Con
by BWW News Desk - Aug 24, 2016


by BWW News Desk - Aug 24, 2016

Pedophilia. It's a taboo topic that many avoid talking about, and some people even believe doesn't exist. (more...)

Cult Classic MYSTERY SCIENCE THEATER 3000 Coming to Comet This September
by TV News Desk - Aug 24, 2016

Sinclair Television Group, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Sinclair Broadcast Group, Inc. (SBGI) (“Sinclair”), and Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (“MGM”), partner in COMET, a science Fiction broadcast network, announced today a license agreement for episodes of the original MYSTERY SCIENCE THEATER 3000 (MST3K) from Shout! Factory. (more...)

The Maxamoo Podcast Reviews the 2016 NY International Fringe Festival
by Maxamoo - Aug 24, 2016

Lindsay, Jose and Liz sampled the 200 offerings at the 2016 New York International Fringe Festival and we enjoyed it! This year's festival played host to nearly 200 shows ranging in style from the weird and wacky one-person shows to sincere musicals and dramas. Fringe NYC ran from August 12-28, 2016 at 16 venues across lower Manhattan (and Central Park). (more...)

Cast Complete for Rachel Weisz-Led Revival of PLENTY at The Public
by BWW News Desk - Aug 24, 2016

The Public Theater announced complete casting today for the first major New York revival of David Hare's PLENTY. Directed by five-time Tony Award nominee David Leveaux and featuring the previously announced Rachel Weisz and Corey Stoll, the show will begin previews on Tuesday, October 4 and run through Sunday, November 6, with an official press opening on Thursday, October 20. (more...)

THE GOSD OF HP Named One of the Year's Ten Best Horror Novels
by BWW News Desk - Aug 24, 2016

CARBONDALE, Ill., Aug. 23, 2016 /PRNewswire/ Journalstone Publishing is pleased to announce that The Gods of HP Lovecraft recently earned a place on Booklist's Top 10 Horror Novels of the Year. A respected voice in the world of books, Booklist magazine has been published by the American Library Association for over 100 years. To view the complete Top 10 Horror Novels 2016 list, visit: (more...)

Murderous Man and Wife Thriller Makes United States Debut at Barter Theatre
by BWW News Desk - Aug 23, 2016

Peter James' "The Perfect Murder" makes its first-ever theatrical appearance in the U.S. at Barter Theatre's Barter Stage II beginning September 8. This comedy-thriller brings author Peter James' novella of the same name to life with horror, intrigue, mystery and comedy. (more...)

Evening Star Productions presents GUTENTBERG! THE MUSICAL!
by BWW News Desk - Aug 23, 2016

Evening Star Productions will leap even farther back into history, jumping from William Shakespeare (their recent production of A Midsummer Night's Dream played to appreciative audiences for three weeks in August) to Johannes Gutenberg when they produce Anthony King and Scott Brown's Gutenberg!  The Musical! which will open on September 15th, and run through October 2nd at Boca Raton's Sol Theatre.  (more...)

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