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Wikia Announces Fan Studio Partnership With Mistwalker's 'Terra Battle,' A New Mobile Game From The Legendary Creator Of Final Fantasy
by BWW News Desk - Sep 18, 2014

SAN FRANCISCO, Sept. 18, 2014 /PRNewswire/ Wikia,the social universe of fandom and the ultimate source for powerful and relevant pop culture, entertainment and game expertise, today announced the company's latest Fan Studio partnership with world-renowned game development studio, Mistwalker around 'Terra Battle' a new free-to-play mobile game from the legendary creator of Final Fantasy. Wikia and Mistwalker will work together to build out the official Terra Battle Community, which recently launched, as the ultimate resource for fans of Terra Battle. (more...)

Ang Lee to Helm Film Adaptation of BILLY LYNN'S LONG HALFTIME WALK
by Movies News Desk - Sep 18, 2014

Tom Rothman's TriStar Productions and Film4 announced today that the three-time Oscar-winner Ang Lee has chosen an adaptation of Ben Fountain's acclaimed novel Billy Lynn's Long Halftime Walk as his next film, his first since winning the Academy Award for directing the groundbreaking Life of Pi. (more...)

VILLA THRILLA Opens 10/18 at Atwater Village Theatre
by BWW News Desk - Sep 18, 2014

Austin Powers meets The Sopranos by way of Agatha Christie. Ring in the holidays with a hilarious seasonal twist on the classic English murder mystery when Gary Lee Reed directs Villa Thrilla by Anna Nicholas, opening Oct. 18 at Atwater Village Theatre. (more...)

New Young Adult Author with Two Books Launches 'Get the Word Out'
by BWW News Desk - Sep 18, 2014

Young Adult author Sarah Daltry is not new to writing or to books in general. After a decade of teaching high school English, as well as serving as a YA and teen library program coordinator, she is quite familiar with books, writing, and the interests of teen readers. However, she is new to you, as she is only just finding her footing in writing YA Fiction. Sarah's first YA novel, 'Backward Compatible,' is a story of video games, Xbox, and young love that embraces nerd and geek culture, from The Walking Dead to Game of Thrones and The Hobbit, to the authors' clear declaration that, 'I wish real life was directed by Joss Whedon.' On November 7, Sarah, along with Little Bird Publishing House of London, will be releasing a new Young Adult fantasy novel, 'Dust.' This novel is a story of a princess, an assassin, and a thief, all fighting to discover themselves and the role of fate as their world stands on the precipice of war. Join Sarah and Little Bird in a visit to Anara. The title is available now for preorder on Amazon. In addition, Sarah will be restructuring her previously published romance series as a new series focused on the issues the characters - and many teens - face, from suicide, abuse, self-harm, and bullying, with a clear overarching theme of self-awareness, self-acceptance, and hope. Sarah is available for interviews and review copies are available to qualified press contacts. More information can be found at sarahdaltry dot com. If you would like more information about this topic, please contact K. Muller at (more...)

Third STAR TREK Film to Begin Shooting Next Year?
by Movies News Desk - Sep 18, 2014

The next STAR TREK film could be coming sooner than previously expected. (more...)

BWW Interviews: Jeffrey Coyle About Directing the Musical HELLO AGAIN
by Mark C. Lloyd - Sep 18, 2014

As the first production of American Repertory Theater of WNY's 2014-15 season about to kick-off with Michael John LaChiusa's musical HELLO AGAIN, Artie Award winning director, Jeffrey Coyle took time from a busy rehearsal schedule to answer a few questions about the production schedule to open on September 11th. (more...)

AAeB and Associates Acquires New Pulp Press
by BWW News Desk - Sep 18, 2014

Exciting changes are happening at New Pulp Press. StartingJanuary 1, 2015, Jon Bassoff, its founder, will be handing over control and ownership of the award-winning press to Jonathan Woods and Shirrel Rhoades of Key West, Florida. While Jon Bassoff will still be associated with New Pulp Press in an advisory role, Jonathan Woods will be in charge of acquisitions and editorial matters. Shirrel Rhoades will take the lead on business, marketing and distribution matters. (more...)

Discovery Channel to Premiere New Special LAST TIGER STANDING, 9/25
by TV News Desk - Sep 17, 2014

The one hour special will air directly after TIGRESS BLOOD, airing September 25 at 9PM ET/PT. (more...)

Marcus Paul Cootsona Receives Rave Reviews for SLAMMIN'
by BWW News Desk - Sep 17, 2014

'Slammin' takes place in a different 2011. Fifty-three year-old tennis pro and family man, Wally Wilson is happily teaching Silicon Valley's millionaires and billionaires at the double-wide estate of his temptress and benefactor, 17 year-old Ashley Margincall. But when Wally's serve speed spikes and unidentified government agents appear, he begins a pro tennis odyssey that might lead him to the U.S. Open or the twisted nexus of a Grand Slam conspiracy. Strangely blessed, but always behind the curve, Wally realizes he's been given all the power, but none of the control. Recent Praise for 'Slammin': 'Marcus Cootsona hits a clean winner with 'Slammin'.' - Jon Wertheim, Sports Illustrated. 'Slammin' has the sort of wacky charm that keeps a reader following Wally's excellent adventure as the plot, like the pro circuit, curves around like a snake eating its own tail.' - Michael Mewshaw, Inside Tennis. 'The world constructed by Cootsona feels very alive, and even in the face of the most bizarre dangers of the book a laugh can somehow be found.' - Self-Publishing Review. 'Slammin' is available in both print and ebook formats. Book Information: Slammin' By Marcus Paul Cootsona Publisher: Pro Tennis Press ISBN: 978-1496082404 ASIN:B00KRGWIKW Published: May 2014 Pages: 246 Genre: Humorous Sports Fiction About the Author: Marcus Paul Cootsona is a tennis professional, lapsed playwright and the author of 'Occam's Racquet - 12 Simple Steps To Smarter Tennis' (ISBN: 978-0615513812). He is a contributor to Inside Tennis magazine, and a member of the Wilson Advisory Staff. He lives with in Northern California his wife and two sublime, ridiculous dogs. He is not a former Navy SEAL. For more information, review copies, or interviews please contact the author at: Marcus Paul Cootsona Email: Website: Facebook: (more...)

Patrick Brown Releases TOSSED OFF THE EDGE
by BWW News Desk - Sep 17, 2014

The soap opera known as The Edge of Conflict has been keeping viewers tuned in every afternoon since 1970. The show was centered on the exploits and troubles of the very rich Knight Family of Hillvale. At the heart of this long-running drama is Regina, played by soap diva Sheila Wozniak, who grew from troubled teen to matriarch over the decades. Wozniak has won many awards, and once had an enormous fan base. However, as times have changed and soap opera audiences have dwindled, Wozniak found that her influence with the network and the international soap company Poplar & Grindle had waned just like her fan base. Refusing to change along with the show's producers, she finds that she has been fired. There will be no more Regina, and to make her understand that they no longer want her, her televised funeral turns out to be an on-air cremation. There was no way for her to escape the flames. With very little acting experience outside of her four-decade role, Sheila Wozniak is unsure what to do next until a publishing house comes calling and asks her to write her memoirs. She is a drinker not a writer; so she hires her favorite former head writer from The Edge of Conflict to ghost write her autobiography. The fun ensues almost immediately as Ms. Wozniak, ever the dramatic diva, goes into detail about her past. Due to the many years of playing the same character and being a fan of TV herself, she tells her story, leaving the reader entertained but wondering if she really was married to a successful Madison Avenue advertising agent (Bewitched) followed by a marriage to a successful California architect with three sons (The Brady Bunch) or went on a spiritual pilgrimage to Puerto Rico (The Flying Nun). From the book: 'Regina Knight Harrison Donavan Taylor Donavan McDonald McDonald Woodward Merriweather Todd's funeral was held on channel seven at 1:00 p.m. local time in every time zone across the country. If you had ever watched daytime TV between 1970 until her demise, you couldn't have missed her. She was blond and dramatic, and she had been shot, paralyzed, kidnapped, raped and tortured numerous times. On her better days, she had given or received a number of internal organs, suffered heart attacks and endured a radical mastectomy... In spite of all the difficulties, Regina maintained a strong faith in the power of love. She was a one-man woman in spite of having been married nine times to seven different husbands who got younger and younger as Regina aged.' For readers who thrive on an actor's conflicts with ungrateful children, they won't be disappointed since Miss Wozniak is under the impression that Mommie Dearest was intended to be a guide to raising children. 'Tossed Off the Edge' is available in both print and ebook formats. Book Information: Tossed Off the Edge Patrick Brown Published: August 2014 ISBN: 978-1495359873 ASIN: B00N43OHFE Pages: 196 Genre: Fiction/Humor About the Author: Patrick Brown skewered the religious right in his first book 'Moral Ambiguity' and he continues to laugh with (and at) the world around him. 'Tossed Off the Edge' is his second 'faux biography,' as he calls them, and his subject is a beloved soap star who's just been fired from her show after 40 years. Trained as a musician, Brown was born into a family of storytellers, and he comes by this talent naturally. He discovered his love of writing at an early age, starting with his first creative writing class at the age of nine. He also has a great sense of humor, and has appeared on stage as a standup comedian in the Los Angeles area, including the world-famous Comedy Store on Sunset Blvd. 'When it comes to writing stories, I love to make things up, and I love to make people laugh,' he says. 'There is so much going on in the world today, and if we can pause for a few moments to find the humor-there is humor everywhere-our days are so much better. We deserve a great laugh!' For more information, review copies, or interviews please contact the author at: Patrick Brown Email: Website: Facebook: TWitter: (more...)

LANGUAGE OF DOGS Now Available for Preorder
by BWW News Desk - Sep 17, 2014

NEW YORK, Sept. 16, 2014 /PRNewswire/ Well-known dog trainer and host of Dogs in the City, Justin Silver has authored The Language of Dogs, on sale September 23 rd for $24.99 from Gallery Books (an imprint of Simon & Schuster). With practical steps and his characteristic humor, the book shares Justin'sunique training methods and advice on how to'speak dog.' Along with the book release is an opportunity to win prizes via a video contest called #DogsDreamLife. The first place winner, to be announced on October 6, 2014, receives a $399 GoPro Camera (Hero3 +Black), plus a 40-minute Skype training session with Justin and an autographed copy of The Language of Dogs. The contest will be held from September 15 through September 30, 2014. (more...)

2010 Novel UNDYING Revives Marketing Push
by BWW News Desk - Sep 17, 2014

VISTA, Calif. (more...)

Polarity to Present Two Novels of THE AFTERLIFE TRILOGY, Begin. 10/7
by BWW News Desk - Sep 17, 2014

Polarity Ensemble Theatre presents its first in a series of events launching the two novels of THE AFTERLIFE TRILOGY at the Greenhouse Theater Center, 2257 N. Lincoln Ave, Chicago on October 7th at 7 pm. The event will include dramatic presentations of scenes from the two novels, a book signing, cocktails and hors d'ouvres. Charles C Palia Jr. and Helen Young will direct a team of four actors in the reader's theater presentations. The actors will then tour the performance to a series of book stores, coffee shops and pubs. All events will be free of charge. (more...)

by BWW News Desk - Sep 17, 2014

VARSITY LAKES, Australia (more...)

by BWW News Desk - Sep 17, 2014


InformationWeek: How the Cloud Creates Personalized Medicine
by BWW News Desk - Sep 17, 2014

NEW YORK, Sept. 17, 2014 /PRNewswire/ For years, CIOs have tried to make sense of what cloud computing can really do. Is it truly the next stage of information technology? Is it a distributive trend that can change the way enterprises think? Is it just hype? (more...)

Marion Timmons Explores RUINS IN THE MIST
by BWW News Desk - Sep 16, 2014

COUNTRY HARBOUR, Nova Scotia (more...)

Daniel Ricardo Casias Releases New Sci-Fi Novel
by BWW News Desk - Sep 16, 2014

PUEBLO, Colo. (more...)

Alix Christie Releases GUTENBERG'S APPRENTICE, 9/25
by BWW News Desk - Sep 16, 2014

We are delighted to welcome Alix Christie back to California to celebrate her debut novel, Gutenberg's Apprentice. Now living in London, the Bay Area native writes on books and the arts for The Economist. Some of us knew Alix as a UC Berkeley journalism student, a reporter and editor at the San Francisco Chronicle and Oakland Tribune, and a Fiction writing graduate student at St. Mary's College. (more...)

Glenn Painter Releases Debut Book, BEYOND THE SENTENCE
by BWW News Desk - Sep 16, 2014


Discovery Channel to Present SKYSCRAPER LIVE WITH NIK WALLENDA, 11/2
by TV News Desk - Sep 16, 2014

Nik Wallenda, “The King of the Highwire” is back at it again. This time, he is heading to the historic “Windy City” of Chicago to attempt his most audacious and challenging tightrope walk yet. (more...)

THE TRIESTE INTRIGUE Discusses Russian Involvement in Plot to Assassinate Pope John Paul II
by BWW News Desk - Sep 16, 2014

CLEVELAND, Ohio - (more...)

Akashic Books to Release THE DESCARTES HIGHLANDS by Eric Gamalinda, 11/4
by BWW News Desk - Sep 16, 2014

Two men, each unaware of the other, share a common family secret: they were sold for adoption by their American father shortly after their births in the Philippines. Three alternating stories interweave the experiences of father Andrew Breszky and the two sons who try to connect and piece together the puzzle of their reckless, impulsive father. One lives in New York and the other grows up in the south of France, later traveling all over Asia as a documentary filmmaker. Both will discover that their relationships somehow echo that of the young man whose history eludes them. (more...)

LIAR'S PARADISE by Steven Hartman is Released
by BWW News Desk - Sep 16, 2014

FLORISSANT, Mo., Sept. 16, 2014 /PRNewswire/ The past century has seen novels about superheroes literally fly in from all directions to become something of a staple in the literary world. However, readers and critics alike are currently crying out for new narratives that are wholly unique and don't succumb to recycling of the 'same-old' concepts. Thankfully, author Steven Hartman is stepping up to the plate with gusto. (more...)

THE REASURE OF PETA NOCONA Launches in Print and eBook
by BWW News Desk - Sep 15, 2014

Barking Rain Press, a non-profit Fiction publisher, announced the paperback and eBook release of the thrilling western adventure 'The Treasure of Peta Nocona' by Dos Caballos, New Mexico, author Lee Pierce. Pierce is also the author of 'Bounty Hunter's Moon' and 'Rough Justice.' Mace Brown wasn't his real name. He used to be one of the deadliest gunfighters in the Southwest, but eventually he grew tired of the 'kill or be killed' lifestyle, rode off into the desert-and simply disappeared. When Boston archeologist Dr. Jemima Carstairs arrives in Oneida, Texas to survey and study ancient Indian ruins in the Palo Duro Canyon, Mace reluctantly agrees to lead the expedition. Unaware that a gang of outlaws is dogging their heels, and a Comanche war chief and his band of renegades are also roaming the plains south of Oneida, Mace and his crew set off with the archeologists into Palo Duro country. Their scholarly quest for Native American artifacts will quickly become a struggle for survival. Ask for 'The Treasure of Peta Nocona' at your favorite bookstore, or buy it online at the Barking Rain Press website,, Barnes & Noble, Books-a-Million, Powells, Waterstones, and many other Internet bookstores. It is also available as an eBook through Amazon Kindle, Barnes & Noble Nook, iTunes iBooks, Kobo, InkBok, Content Reserve/Overdrive, the Barking Rain Press website and many other outlets worldwide. Interested readers can read the first four chapters for free by visiting the Barking Rain Press website at The Treasure of Peta Nocona BISAC Genre Codes: FIC033000 - Fiction / Westerns FIC030000 - Fiction / Thrillers / Suspense FIC002000 - Fiction/ Action & Adventure BIC Genre Codes: FJW - Westerns FJH - Historical Adventure LCCN: 2014939105 Trade Paperback (206 pp) ISBN-13: 978-1-935460-70-1 ISBN-10: 1-935460-70-6 Retail Price: $12.95 USD Distributors: Ingram, Bertram Books, Gardners Books eBook (ePub, Kindle, PDF) ISBN-13: 978-1-935460-71-8 ISBN-10: 1-935460-71-4 Retail Price: $5.95 USD Distributors: Content Reserve/Overdrive, Ingram About Barking Rain Press Barking Rain Press is an imprint of the BRP Publishing Group (BRP), which is a non-profit publisher located in the greater Portland/Vancouver metropolitan area-a thriving hub for independent publishers, writers, and literary venues. BRP currently operates three imprints, including Barking Rain Press, Virtual Tales, and Nitis Books. Find out more about the BRP Publishing Group at their website, (more...)

New Novel Navigates ROUGH WATERS by Doctor Jac
by BWW News Desk - Sep 15, 2014

San Jose, Calif. (more...)

Jeremy Kamps and Courtney Campbell Win 22nd Annual Tom Howard/John H. Reid Fiction & Essay Contest
by BWW News Desk - Sep 15, 2014

Northampton, MA (more...)

Holy Ghost Writer Discovers JACK THE RIPPER in New Book
by BWW News Desk - Sep 15, 2014

NEW YORK, Sept. 15, 2014 /PRNewswire-iReach/ Everything from social media and blogs to newspapers have been abuzz with recent claims of DNA evidence solving the 126-year murder mystery involving the shadowy Jack the Ripper. While amateur sleuth, Russell Edmunds, and molecular biologist, Jari Louhelainen, seemed to have discovered DNA evidence of the identity of Jack the Ripper, other clues seem to eerily link to the soon-to-be-released novel, Jack the Ripper: Newly Discovered Adventures of Sherlock Holmes, by inconspicuous author, The Holy Ghost Writer. (more...)

Bob Williams Reveals THE EAST SIDE OF TOWN
by BWW News Desk - Sep 15, 2014

ORLANDO, Fla. (more...)

VIDEO: Sneak Peek - WE tv Premieres Season 3 of KENDRA ON TOP with Shocking Scandal
by TV News Desk - Sep 15, 2014

In the exciting third season of “KENDRA ON TOP,” Kendra Wilkinson-Baskett is faced with the hardest decisions she's ever had to make. (more...)

Naked Girls Reading to Celebrate Fifth Anniversary with BOOKENDS, 10/15
by BWW News Desk - Sep 15, 2014

Celebrate five years of New York's 'Best Story Hour' (The Village Voice Best of NY) as Naked Girls Reading presents BOOKENDS. Join your favorite readers-in-the-buff to commemorate the fifth anniversary of the New York City branch of Naked Girls Reading at this very special literary event, as the Naked Girls share the first and last writings by their most beloved authors! (more...)

Kean Human Rights Institute to Screen THE GOOD LIE, 10/8
by BWW News Desk - Sep 15, 2014

John Prendergast, Kean University's Human Rights Senior Fellow, will present a screening of The Good Lie on October 8 at 7:15 p.m. in the state-of-the-art STEM Auditorium, located in Kean's STEM Building. The premiere will be attended by Mr. Prendergast, an internationally acclaimed human rights activist, who appears in the film and has a longstanding relationship with the University. (more...)

Hachette Writers Appeals to Amazon Board
by BWW News Desk - Sep 15, 2014

Amazon and Hatchette are battling over the price of ebooks. (more...)

Oceanview Publishing to Launch LAMENTATION by Joe Clifford
by BWW News Desk - Sep 15, 2014

Longboat Key, Florida (more...)

The Annual Scholastic Art & Writing Awards are Announced
by BWW News Desk - Sep 15, 2014

NEW YORK, Sept. 15, 2014 /PRNewswire/ The annual Scholastic Art & Writing Awards, the nation's longest- running, most prestigious scholarship and recognition initiative for students in grades 712, is now open for submissions and invites all aspiring teen artists and writers to share their work. Over the past five years alone, the Alliance for Young Artists & Writers, the nonprofit presenter of the Awards, has received more than one million original works from public, private and homeschooled students. The program provides top-winning artistic and literary teens with exhibition and publication opportunities, as well as access to millions of dollars in scholarships, while continuing its legacy of identifying the early promise of some of our nation's most exceptional visionaries. (more...)

Premiere of Syfy's New Zombie Series Z NATION Delivers 1.6 Million Viewers
by TV News Desk - Sep 15, 2014

Syfy's new zombie series Z Nation bit 1.6 million total viewers during its Friday, September 12 premiere at 10PM (ET/PT), becoming the channel's highest rated acquired scripted series premiere since Dr. Who in 2006. (more...)

Actor James Van Der Beek and AstraZeneca Join Forces to Educate Families about Influenza
by BWW News Desk - Sep 15, 2014

WILMINGTON, Del., Sept. 15, 2014 /PRNewswire/ AstraZeneca announced today that it has collaborated with actor and father James Van Der Beek on a campaign to dispel common myths about the flu and underscore the importance of annual influenza vaccination for eligible individuals and families. As part of the campaign, Van Der Beek stars in an informative and comedic video, called 'Just the Flu Facts,' in which he uses his signature sense of humor to debunk common misconceptions about seasonal influenza that are often barriers to vaccination. (more...)

This Week's New Classifieds on BWW - 9/15/2014
by - Sep 15, 2014

This Week's New Classified Listings on for 9/15/2014. (more...)

American Heroes Channel to Premiere New Season of AMERICA: FACTS VS. FICTION, 10/14
by TV News Desk - Sep 15, 2014

Back for its sophomore season, American Heroes Channel (AHC)'s series AMERICA: FACTS VS. Fiction embarks on all-new adventures exploring the truths and hidden secrets of the nation's past. Hosted by former Naval officer and actor/comedian, Jamie Kaler, the series uncovers surprising and unknown details of American history to draw a line in the sand separating fact and Fiction. (more...)

BWW TV: Ewan McGregor, Maggie Gyllenhaal & More Talk THE REAL THING; Opens on Broadway This October!
by Randy Rainbow - Sep 15, 2014

Roundabout Theatre Company will soon present Tom Stoppard's Tony Award-winning play The Real Thing, directed by Sam Gold. The Real Thing, starring Ewan McGregor as 'Henry,'Maggie Gyllenhaal as 'Annie,' Cynthia Nixon as 'Charlotte' and Josh Hamilton as 'Max,' begins preview performances on Thursday, October 2, 2014 and opens officially on Thursday, October 30, 2014 at the American Airlines Theatre on Broadway (227 West 42nd Street). This is a limited engagement. The company recently met the press and BroadwayWorld's Randy Rainbow was on hand to chat with the full gang. Check out what they had to say about the play below! (more...)

A&E to Premiere New Original Series DEAD AGAIN, 10/2
by TV News Desk - Sep 15, 2014

A&E Network premieres the new nonFiction series 'Dead Again” from executive producer Dick Wolf and his Wolf Reality along with Left/Right Productions. (more...)

Alan Dershowitz Releases TERROR TUNNELS
by BWW News Desk - Sep 15, 2014

NEW YORK, NY - Ripped from the headlines, Terror Tunnels: The Case for Israel's Just War Against Hamas, published by leading independent digital publisher RosettaBooks with Gatestone Institute, describes why Israel's struggle against Hamas is a fight not only to protect its own citizens, but for all democracies. Written by Harvard Law School Professor Alan Dershowitz, author of the international bestseller The Case for Israel, Terror Tunnels covers all of the hot-button issues from the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement, to the rise of anti-Semitism, to the charge of war crimes, to the prospects of peace, which includes examining: (more...)

Seattle Musical Theatre to Present THE ROCKY HORROR SHOW, 10/9-18
by BWW News Desk - Sep 15, 2014

Seattle Musical Theatre is celebrating the 40th anniversary of the American premiere of THE ROCKY HORROR SHOW, music, lyrics, and book by Richard O'Brien. With Director Steven Fogell at the helm and with music direction by Kim Dare, THE ROCKY HORROR SHOW runs October 9-18, 2014 at Magnuson Park. Tickets ($25) are available at or by calling 1-800-838-3006. (more...)

Now in Print & eBook: 'Seven Days to Goodbye' by South Carolina Author Sheri S. Levy
by BWW News Desk - Sep 14, 2014

Barking Rain Press, a non-profit Fiction publisher, announced the paperback and eBook release of the engaging YA service dog puppy raiser novel, 'Seven Days to Goodbye' by Simsonville, South Carolina author Sheri S. Levy. 'Seven Days to Goodbye is Levy's first novel; her article about a Diabetic Alert dog, 'Scent with Love,' was published in 'Clubhouse Magazine' and was nominated for a Maxwell Medallion Award from the Dog Writer's Association of America (DWAA). After Trina's beloved dog dies, she swears she'll never get another one. But then she learns about service dogs, and realizes if she becomes a puppy raiser, she could train puppy after puppy and never worry about them dying. But like all great ideas, this one has a serious flaw: her first service puppy must be returned to his kennel at the end of their week-long summer vacation. And saying goodbye to Sydney is going to be much tougher than she ever imagined. Trina's last week with Sydney is made that much harder by her newly strained friendship with her best friend, Sarah, who's become so over-the-top boy crazy that she's almost like a stranger. Sarah is determined to have them hang out with every boy at the beach, but when a boy named Chase takes an interest in Sydney and Trina, it puts an even bigger strain on the friendship. It's hard enough to deal with losing Sydney, but now she may lose her best friend, too. And even if she manages to patch things up with Sarah-and figures out what to do about Chase-she still must face a daunting decision: is she strong enough to take on another service puppy? Ask for 'Seven Days to Goodbye' at your favorite bookstore, or buy it online at the Barking Rain Press website,, Barnes & Noble, Books-a-Million, Powells, Waterstones, and many other Internet bookstores. It is also available as an eBook through Amazon Kindle, Barnes & Noble Nook, iTunes iBooks, Kobo, InkBok, Content Reserve/Overdrive, the Barking Rain Press website and many other outlets worldwide. Interested readers can read the first four chapters for free by visiting the Barking Rain Press website at Seven Days to Goodbye BISAC Genre Codes: FIC043000 - Fiction / Coming of Age JUV002070 - Juvenile Fiction / Animals / Dogs FIC045000 - Fiction / Family Life BIC Genre Codes: YFN - Family & home stories (Children's / Teenage) YFP - Animal stories (Children's / Teenage) LCCN: 20140826 Trade Paperback (212 pp) ISBN-13: 978-1-935460-74-9 ISBN-10: 1-935460-74-9 Retail Price: $13.95 USD Distributors: Ingram, Bertram Books, Gardners Books, Mackin Educational Resources eBook (ePub, Kindle, PDF) ISBN-13: 978-1-935460-75-6 ISBN-10: 1-935460-75-7 Retail Price: $5.95 USD Distributors: Content Reserve/Overdrive, Ingram About Barking Rain Press Barking Rain Press is an imprint of the BRP Publishing Group (BRP), which is a non-profit publisher located in the greater Portland/Vancouver metropolitan area-a thriving hub for independent publishers, writers, and literary venues. BRP currently operates three imprints, including Barking Rain Press, Virtual Tales, and Nitis Books. Find out more about the BRP Publishing Group at their website, (more...)

This Weeks New Movies - 9/17/2014 - 9/19/2014
by BWW - Sep 14, 2014

Information, posters, descriptions of all the upcoming movies being released from 9/17/2014 - 9/19/2014! (more...)

In Remembrance of 9-11, Author Offers Free Book Download on Kindle
by BWW News Desk - Sep 13, 2014

Expected End Entertainment, LLC, and EX3 Books announced today that Making Wings: Short Stories and Poems will be a free download to Kindle users as a memorial to victims of 9-11. Readers with Kindle devices or those who download the app on their iPhones and smartphones, tablets and other electronic reading devices can access the free download by going to Amazon. 'I dedicated Making Wings to three people, including my grandmother and my mother in-law who are deceased,' author C. Nathaniel Brown said. 'They were my biggest cheerleaders and I promised them that I would never forget them. Likewise, that has been our mantra since the terrorists' attacks on September 11, 2001... 'We will never forget!' Today, I want to honor the memories of each of the victims and let their families know that I will never forget." Making Wings is a collection of short stories and poems that range from quirky to funny to sexy. The title story, Making Wings, is a touching tale of a woman who impacts grieving families with her special gift of making angel wings to remember lost loved ones. The book is the first work of Fiction published by Brown since his debut book, I Always Put the Seat Down. Making Wings will be available for free download until Sept. 14. Brown, who began his professional writing career as a newspaper reporter, is author of five successful books including The Business of My Book, and Xs, Os, and Ws: Inspirational Stories from Successful Basketball Coaches. He is also a writing coach and publishing consultant, motivational speaker, and philanthropist. For more information about Making Wings or C. Nathaniel Brown, contact Expected End Entertainment at (678) 744-4646. About Expected End Entertainment, LLC: Expected End Entertainment (EX3) is an Atlanta, Ga.-based full-service media and entertainment company that provides content for film, television, radio and the internet. Its book publishing division, EX3 Books, specializes in nonFiction publications and includes writing, editing, and publishing services among other resources for writers. (more...)

Death is Unknown, Releasing, Even Fulfilling. Join a Journey Through the Author's Eyes.
by BWW News Desk - Sep 13, 2014

A new Fiction eBook has just been released on Amazon, Death Tones: Short Stories About Transformation. We cannot escape death's touch. All must face it in its various forms; murder, suspense, living beyond illness and to unavoidably die. Find a dead body, refuse the grim reaper or follow the wolf to beyond all circle the one unknown answer to our future, death. Come with the author, Judy Haar, on a strange and enlightening journey, open your mind. You are just about to enter the beyond. Judy Haar has been writing for over twenty years, much of this time in freelance. Over the past nine years, she counselled small business on how to succeed and taught classes on how-to market, build a brand and advertise on social media. Starting out as a scientist in nuclear chemistry, she became fascinated with the possibilities of life and started writing Fiction. Some of her short stories have been published. She continues to write thrillers and suspense. Come to her website to read more, (more...)

Berkshire Theatre Group to Premiere POE at Unicorn Theatre, 10/2-26
by BWW News Desk - Sep 12, 2014

Berkshire Theatre Group presents POE, a world premiere at the Unicorn Theatre in Stockbridge. Opening Night is October 4 at 8pm. Preview performances begin on October 2 at 7pm and the production closes October 26 at 2pm. (more...)

WB Bringing GOTHAN, CONSTANTINE, THE FOLLOWING & More to New York Comic Con
by BWW News Desk - Sep 12, 2014

Warner Bros. Television makes another exciting return to New York Comic Con (NYCC) with three new eagerly anticipated series, including Gotham (Mondays, 8/7c on FOX), Forever (Tuesdays, 10/9c on ABC), and Constantine (Fridays 10/9c, on NBC), in addition to returning hits The Following (Midseason on FOX) and Person of Interest (Tuesdays, 10/9c on CBS). (more...)

Nancy Christie Turns Book Launch Event into Fund-Raiser for Rescue Mission of the Mahoning Valley
by BWW News Desk - Sep 12, 2014


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