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Broadwaysted Podcast Welcomes its Theatrical Soulmates from DRUNK SHAKESPEARE
Feb 21, 2017
But soft, what light through yonder window breaks? Oh, it's just the Broadwaysted crew with members of the cast of DRUNK SHAKESPEARE! This week we're coming to you from The Lounge on West 43rd street directly after seeing our guests Michael Amendola, Mr. Josh Hyman, and the evening's drunk actor, Kelsey Lidsky in the hilarious DRUNK SHAKESPEARE! The cast shares how the show works, we discuss our favorite Shakespeare film adaptations, and then the cast shares some of the wildest moments interacting with audience members.
Homeless Youth Meet Magical Realism in Upcoming Queer Tragedy
Feb 14, 2017
An unflinchingly accurate look at the reality of youth homelessness, sexual abuse, and queer identity, with an unexpected touch of romance and magical realism. ?Jordan Matthews would be fine, if her mother could hold down a decent job, or if her mother hadn't been arrested on another DUI, or if her mother's boyfriend wasn't a skeevy bastard. But things aren't fine, and Jordan's life is falling apart. The adults in her life are either impotent or uninterested, and the only solace comes from out of the blue.
Ryan Murphy Confirms AMERICAN CRIME STORY to Take on Monica Lewinsky Scandal; Sarah Paulson Is Attached
Feb 14, 2017
Ryan Murphy has confirmed that the fourth season of AMERICAN CRIME STORY will take on the Monica Lewinsky sex scandal, and will star Sarah Paulson.
Holocaust Survivor Eva Schloss to Attend GET's 'AND THEN THEY CAME FOR ME'
Jan 25, 2017
Georgia Ensemble Theatre (GET), North Fulton's only professional theatre company, is celebrating the 20th anniversary of producing the powerful Holocaust drama, And Then They Came for Me: Remembering the World of Anne Frank.
BWW Interview: Marisha Wallace Is Living The DREAM-GIRL in The West End's 'DreamGirls'
Jan 23, 2017
When scheduling an interview with Broadway and now West End star: Marisha Wallace, I was quickly reminded that London is five hours ahead of Eastern Standard Time, so when we found an appointment that was congruently free; it was a little early for me... Flash forward to a 7am interview that started my day on the highest of notes: Marisha's bubbly and down to earth personality drew me in the first moment I saw her perform in the hit musical 'Something Rotten!'
Dr. Elizabeth Owonikoko Releases 'Double for Your Trouble'
Jan 10, 2017
'Double for Your Trouble': a powerful and intriguing look at the need for self-assessment and the realization that letting go of the past and true forgiveness can open incredible doors. 'Double for Your Trouble' is the creation of published author, Dr. Elizabeth Owonikoko who holds a bachelor's degree in political science, a master's of business administration in project management, and a doctorate degree in business administration, majoring in leadership.
Plastic Surgeon Releases New Fiction Book THE ZOMBIE GAME
Dec 30, 2016
WILLIAMSBURG, Va., Dec. 30, 2016 /PRNewswire/ A plastic surgeon in Virginia is on a mission to rescue zombies from pop culture's 'walking dead' fantasy. 'As I have said in other places,' Glenn Shepard says from his medical practice in Newport News, 'zombies are people to be pitied rather than feared.' According to Shepard, being 'undead' is the effect of mind-altering drugs and physical conditioning, a process the doctor dissects in detail in his new book, The Zombie Game (Mystery House).
Christine Bonansea to Bring Solo Dance ONLYHUMAN to JACK This January
Dec 28, 2016
Christine Bonansea, a French-born, NYC-based dancer and choreographer known for her expressive, virtuosic, improvisation-driven works infused with live music and strong visuals, is presenting her new solo OnlyHuman as an APAP showcase.
Highlights In Jazz Announces 2017 Line Up, Honorary Doctorate for Jack Kleinsinger
Dec 22, 2016
Jack Kleinsinger's Highlights In Jazz, New York's longest running jazz concert series, proudly announces the schedule for its 45th season featuring four monthly star studded Thursday night concerts taking place at the Tribeca Performing Arts Center of Borough Manhattan Community College, 199 Chambers Street, NYC.
KCRW's MORNING BECOMES ECLECTIC Features A Tribe Called Quest and Prince
Dec 16, 2016
Today, KCRW's Morning Becomes Eclectic featured seminal hip-hop collective A Tribe Called Quest. Q-Tip and Jarobi White sat down for a profound and candid interview with KCRW DJ Aaron Byrd.
Steven J. Burge to Play Heavenly Father After Wesley Taylor Departs AN ACT OF GOD in Denver
Dec 2, 2016
Denver Center for the Performing Arts Broadway/Cabaret announces today that Wesley Taylor, Broadway star and fan favorite in the NBC TV show 'Smash,' will play God through January 22. Steven J. Burge will assume the role of God starting January 24.
Sandy Cressman Reaffirms Her Deep Connections with Brazilian Music on New CD 'Entre Amigos'
Dec 2, 2016
As founder and leader of the group Homenagem Brasileira, San Francisco-based vocalist/educator Sandy Cressman has had many opportunities over the last 20-plus years to forge creative partnerships with like-minded musicians from the Bay to Brazil.
Check Out Monologue Highlights from LATE NIGHT WITH SETH MEYERS, 11/22
Nov 23, 2016
Below, check out monologue highlights from last night's broadcast of LATE NIGHT WITH SETH MEYERS on NBC.
BWW Interview: Kimberly Kiley of RAGTIME at Actors' Repertory Theatre Of Simi
Nov 16, 2016
Everyone knows that the director is the person responsible for the look and content of a musical or play, but once the cast has been selected, sets and props are delivered, and all the technical elements are in place, who puts it all together? The week prior to a show's opening is called 'Tech Week,' a four or five-day period during which all the elements of a production are assembled on stage for the first time. Tech Week marks the transition period between the rehearsal stage and the performance stage of a production. Once the show is underway, it is the job of the stage manager to supervise, coordinate, and maintain all of the sundry elements that make up a production, from lighting, sound, and sets to costume changes, blocking, and all the performers' backstage activity. As we found out, it takes a particular kind of person to become a stage manager. He or she has to be detail oriented, disciplined, unflappable, and resourceful. Kimberly Kiley, who is currently serving as stage manager for the Actors' Repertory Theatre of Simi's production of Ragtime, has all of these attributes and more. We visited her before a performance last weekend and were introduced to the new staging area at the theater where Kiley is stationed during a show.
Hope, Tolerance & Multicultural Cast: JCTC Gives New Relevance to Anne Frank's Story
Nov 10, 2016
Anne Frank's diary, filled with hope against inescapable oppression, has captivated audiences around the world for well over half a century. Audiences will discover a new relevance to this well-known story of the 15-year-old girl who died a victim of genocide when Jersey City Theater Center (JCTC) presents And Then They Came For Me: Remembering The World Of Anne Frank by Jim Still. The JCTC production of this acclaimed play features a multicultural cast, a world-renowned guest speaker and an exhibit of visual arts on themes of oppression and the Holocaust in the Merseles Studios art gallery.
GALLERY OF ECHOES to Return to Shadowbox Live This November
Nov 3, 2016
By popular demand, Gallery of Echoes, Shadowbox Live's unique original performance genre blending live and visual art, will return to the stage for one week only, Today, November 3rd through Sunday, November 6th at 503 S. Front Street.
BWW Interview - Miriam Shor Talks SWEAT at The Public; YOUNGER Season 3
Nov 2, 2016
Today, Miriam Shor speaks exclusively with BWW about returning to the stage and reveals whether she is #TeamCharles or #TeamJosh when it comes to YOUNGER's Season 3 love triangle!
JUNIE B. JONES THE MUSICAL Kicks Off The New FamilyStage: Adventure Series at Georgia Ensemble Theatre
Oct 28, 2016
Georgia Ensemble Theatre (GET), North Fulton's only professional theatre company, announces a new kid-centric initiative called FamilyStage: Adventure Series that will provide exciting weekend performances for the whole family throughout the school year at the theatre's home in the Roswell Cultural Arts Center.
BWW Recap: P is for Pigeon, Pancake, and Pregnancy on YOUNGER
Oct 26, 2016
As you can tell from the title of the recap, P is for a lot of things on this week's installment. In addition to (finally!) canning Bryce and making progress with the Charles/Liza ship, the episode also sees Kelsey take another stab at dating post-Thad (with disastrous results, natch), Josh contemplating some pretty heavy stuff re: his future with Liza, and Diana dressing down to impress her boss (with hilarious results). Oh, and Maggie appears to have found a new beau, er… belle, as well. So, essentially, this one is packed with the good stuff for every character. So, why not just get started with the recap?

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