Yaelisa & Caminos Flamencos Presents Lo Clásico 12/17-19

Yaelisa & Caminos Flamencos Presents Lo Clásico 12/17-19

The classics never go out of style, and so it is with Yaelisa's Caminos Flamencos (www.caminosflamencos.com) -- Northern California's classic Flamenco company. Following the artistically innovative presentations of "Cancioñes" and its sequel over the last two years, 2010 returns to the distinctive and undeniable roots of flamenco in a show of traditional dance and Iberian music, Lo Clásico, offered for three performances only on Friday & Saturday, December 17 & 18 at 8pm and Sunday, December 19 at 3pm at San Francisco's Cowell Theatre (Fort Mason Center). Reserved Seating is $35; $25 students/seniors; $15 Children 12 and under). To purchase call (415) 345-7575 / www.fortmason.org/boxoffice

"What is classic? I believe it's a feeling created by the person experiencing it, which makes it memorable," said Yaelisa, Emmy-Award winner and Caminos Flamencos' Founding Artistic Director. "We can all agree classic describes something which lives on, never goes out of style, and which can bring one to a nostalgic place. Our show this year is all of these things, with a few surprises thrown in."

Caminos Flamencos has set the standard in flamenco dance concerts for the highest quality and professionalism in the Bay Area as well as nationally. The 2010 Season Premiere is a holiday concert for the entire family that pays tribute to all things classical - Spanish classical dances using the music of Manuel De Falla, Ravel's Bolero, and others, and the more traditional, fiery flamenco that the Company is recognized for. Yaelisa brings together 20 dancers and four musicians onstage for an evening of exploration into what makes something classical, whether it is the Ritual Fire Dance, a traditional Fandangos, a Jerez-style Bulerias, Faure's Pavane or Yaelisa's signature Soleares, considered the mother of all flamenco.

"Lo Clásico combines traditional flamenco, Spanish and neo-classical dance choreographies in solo and ensemble works that define the genre," Yaelisa continues. "And as always during our holiday shows, Lo Clásico will feature holiday treats for the kids and a Saturday evening "Meet the Artists" post-performance reception with wine, tapas and holiday offerings."

Lo Clásico will include musical director/composer Jason McGuire "El Rubio," Jesus Montoya, Gypsy singer from Sevilla; and Oscar Valero, singer/dancer, from Cordoba, Spain. Company soloists include Fanny Ara, Melissa Cruz and Marina Elana, along with the 16-member corps de ballet. The mission of Caminos Flamencos is to create and present contemporary, traditional and theatrical dance programs showcasing artists from Spain and the United States, who reflect the changing face of Flamenco in the 21st century. Based in San Francisco, California, the ensemble tours extensively and offers ongoing classes and workshops throughout the Bay Area to introduce Flamenco to new generations and audiences.

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