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Now Playing Onstage in San Francisco - Week of 4/06/2014 BEAUTY QUEEN OF LEENANE
6th Street Playhouse, Studio Theatre
Set in the mountains of Connemara County Galway, THE BEAUTY QUEEN OF LEENANE tells the darkly comic tale of Maureen Folan, a plain and lonely woman in her early forties, and Mag, her manipulative aging mother whose interference in Maureen's first and possibly final chance of a loving relationship sets in motion a train of events that inexorably leads towards the play's terrifying denouement.
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Now Playing Onstage in San Francisco - Week of 4/06/2014 LONESOME WEST
6th Street Playhouse, Studio Theatre
Valene and Coleman, two brothers living alone in their father's house after his recent death, find it impossible to exist without the most massive and violent disputes over the most mundane and innocent of topics. Only Father Welsh, the local young priest, is prepared to try to reconcile the two before their petty squabbling spiral into viscous and bloody carnage.
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Now Playing Onstage in San Francisco - Week of 4/06/2014 VENUS IN FUR
American Conservatory Theater
After seducing New York audiences and critics, "Broadway's hottest date night!" (Liz Smith) arrives at A.C.T. in an electrifying new production. When a young actress auditions for a gifted but demanding playwright/director's adaptation of a classic novel about sexual domination, their encounter explodes into a playful, witty, and erotic game of cat and mouse, dangerously blurring the lines between fantasy and reality-and seduction and power.
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The Custom Made Theatre Company
Caryl Churchill ; dir: Laura Lundy-Paine.
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Now Playing Onstage in San Francisco - Week of 4/06/2014 THE BOOK OF MATTHEW
Spreckels Performing Arts Center
Spreckels Theatre Company presents"The Book of Matthew," written and directed by Gene Abravaya. A struggling, hapless, unpublished novelist gets the chance to rewrite his future in this comedy about the seriousness of life. Matthew Leibowitz, a 40-year old wisecracking, unpublished novelist holds fast to his dreams despite unrelenting disapproval from his wife and extended family. Facing divorce, misunderstood by his practical brother and sister-in-law and in denial about his recently widowed father - Matthew's disheveled life (and New York apartment) could use some resemblance of order. Things take a turn when Matthew and his flamboyant, eavesdropping neighbor care for Matthew's elderly, uncommunicative father. "Since first being produced in 2009, 'The Book of Matthew' has undergone numerous changes. It is now more streamlined, faster paced and thought-provoking. I wanted to have the chance to have it seen and experienced with these changes, in the setting it deserves," said playwright and director Gene Abravaya, who also serves as the Artistic Director of the Spreckels Theatre Company. "The story is timeless because it's about the struggle that takes place in all of us over being practical or living our dreams." This play contains adult language. March 21 to April 13, 2014 7:30 p.m. Thursdays, April 3 and April 10 8 p.m. Fridays and Saturdays 2 p.m. Sunday Matinees ORDER TICKETS ONLINE: PHONE: 707-588-3400 For tickets, call the Spreckels Box Office at 707 588-3400. Box Office hours are Tuesday through Saturday, 12 to 5 p.m. and one hour before showtime. WHERE: Spreckels Performing Arts Center Bette Condiotti Theatre 5409 Snyder Lane, Rohnert Park, CA 94928 WEBSITE:
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Magic Theatre
Magic Theatre:Linda McLean; dir: Loretta Greco.
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Now Playing Onstage in San Francisco - Week of 4/06/2014 SLEUTH
Center Repertory Theater
One of the best stage thrillers of all time, Sleuth has been wowing audiences with its breathtaking surprises and revelations for decades. Successful British mystery writer Andrew Wyck invites his wife's lover to his mansion and proposes an intricate scheme in which they can all come out winners. So begins the twisty, high-stakes game of brinksmanship that the NY Times called "clever as a wagonload of monkeys solving the crossword puzzle - intricate as the Hampton Court maze - good, clean bloody fun!"
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Center Repertory Company
Margaret Lesher Theatre:Anthony Schaffer; dir: Mark Anderson Phillips.
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The New Conservatory Theatre Center
Walker Theatre:adapt: Brian Shnippe from Mo Gaffney, Jordan Harrison, Moises Kaufman, Neil LaBute, Wendy MacLeod, Jose Rivera, Paul Rudnick, Doug Wright.
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Now Playing Onstage in San Francisco - Week of 4/06/2014 THE 25TH ANNUAL PUTNAM COUNTY SPELLING BEE
Berkeley Playhouse
The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee is a long one-act musical comedy conceived by Rebecca Feldman with music and lyrics by William Finn, a book by Rachel Sheinkin and additional material by Jay Reiss.
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Shotgun Players
The Ashby Stage:Tom Stoppard; dir: Patrick Dooley.
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Aurora Theatre Company
David Davalos; dir: Josh Costello.
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Now Playing Onstage in San Francisco - Week of 4/06/2014 TRIBES
Berkeley Repertory Theatre
When three smart siblings move back home with their opinionated parents, the cacophony of their family hits a new high-even for Billy who's deaf. Nina Raine's profound and powerful new play became a hit in London and New York, now renowned director Jonathan Moscone brings it to Berkeley Rep. To fall in love or find a job, to forge an identity apart from your family, to fulfill that longing for somewhere to belong…is it as simple as following the signs? In Tribes, a deaf man learns to find his way in a world where everyone needs to be heard.
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Now Playing Onstage in San Francisco - Week of 4/06/2014 COME BACK, LITTLE SHEBA
A Noise Within
At a time when the pace of American life was not so rapid, a middle-aged couple, awash in the what-ifs and drifting apart, takes in a young, vivacious college boarder, creating an explosive catalyst for change. After half a century, William Inge's contemporary masterpiece remains compelling and deeply resonant.
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Now Playing Onstage in San Francisco - Week of 4/06/2014 TARTUFFE
A Noise Within
Madame Pernelle is visiting her son Orgon's house and uses the opportunity to criticize all the members of the household and to praise their boarder, Tartuffe, because he is a man of such holiness and zeal. The others object to Tartuffe, maintaining that he is false and hypocritical, but Madame Pernelle will not entertain such thoughts. Instead, as she leaves, she admonishes everyone to follow Tartuffe's precepts. After Madame Pernelle leaves, Cleante, who is Orgon's brother-in-law, and Dorine, Orgon's daughter's maid, discuss the situation and their boarder and agree that Tartuffe has beguiled not only Madame Pernelle, but Orgon as well. Orgon's son, Damis, adds to the situation by wondering out loud if his father, after being influenced by Tartuffe, will still allow his daughter, Mariane, to marry her love, Valere. Damis is also concerned because he wants to marry Valere's sister; thus he asks Cleante to question Orgon about his earlier promise to allow the marriage to take place. Orgon arrives and seems much more concerned about the welfare of Tartuffe than anything else around him, including his wife's illness. Cleante tries to discuss Tartuffe with Orgon, but fails and discovers that Orgon is only interested in singing Tartuffe's praises. When he questions Orgon about the intended wedding, he dodges the issues and refuses to give a direct answer; however, when his daughter arrives, Orgon tells her that he wants to ally Tartuffe with his house and that this can best be done by Mariane's marrying Tartuffe. Mariane is so shocked that she cannot believe her ears. After Orgon departs, Dorine, the maid, reprimands Mariane for not having refused to marry Tartuffe. Mariane's beloved, Valere, arrives and accuses her of consenting to the marriage. Dorine listens to them argue and then, after they are reconciled, promises to help them expose Tartuffe's hypocrisy. Damis, incensed about Tartuffe, is also determined to reveal Tartuffe's hypocrisy, and, as he hears Tartuffe's approach, he hides in the closest. Elmire, Orgon's wife, arrives, and Tartuffe, thinking they are alone, makes some professions of love to her and suggests that they become lovers. Having heard Tartuffe's plans, Damis reveals himself and threatens to expose Tartuffe. When Orgon arrives, Damis tries to inform his father about Tartuffe's proposition, but Orgon is so blind that he thinks his own son is evil in trying to defame Tartuffe's good name-and he immediately disinherits his son. As Orgon and Tartuffe leave, Orgon reveals his plans to make Tartuffe his sole heir and also his son-in-law. Cleante later confronts Tartuffe and tries to reason with him, but Tartuffe will only respond in religious cliches, and, as soon as the opportunity presents itself, he hastily excuses himself from the room. Orgon and Elmire arrive, and when she hears Orgon's plans, she extracts a promise from him to hide in some concealed place and observe Tartuffe's actions. Orgon consents, and Elmire sends for Tartuffe. When he arrives, he is accosted by Elmire, and soon he begins to make not only declarations of love to her but also derogatory comments about Orgon. Finally convinced of Tartuffe's hypocrisy, Orgon emerges and orders him from the household. Tartuffe then reveals that legally he is now the owner of the house, since Orgon has signed over all his property. Alone with his wife, Orgon reveals that he is frightened because, earlier, he had entrusted some secret documents to Tartuffe's care-documents which could ruin Orgon's trusted position in the court. When Orgon's mother arrives, he cannot convince her that Tartuffe is a hypocrite; it is only when news arrives that Tartuffe is having the entire family evicted that Madame Pernelle is convinced. Tartuffe brings with him officers of the court, but, as the family is about to be evicted, an officer reveals that the king has seen through the hypocrisy of Tartuffe and has ordered him to be imprisoned for this and for other crimes. The king has also restored to Orgon all his rightful property.
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