KILLING MY LOBSTER DOES NOT FEAR THE END! Plays Intersection for the Arts, Now thru 11/18

November 1
12:30 AM 2012


Killing My Lobster has a long, storied tradition of bringing their uniquely Bay Area brand of offbeat comedy to the themes of our lives – food (KML Holds The Mayo), family (KML Chops Down The Family Tree), technology (KML Reboots), and religion (KML Preaches to the Choir), to name but a few.

Now, as the End of Everything foretold by the ancient Mayans bears down on us like a runaway Muni bus, they turn to a subject that's in the back of everyone's mind: the End of the World. Killing My Lobster Does Not Fear the End! begins a three week run tonight, November 1-18th at the Intersection for the Arts in SOMA.

The irrepressible comedic stars of KML do not plan on going gentle into that good night. They plan on going out doubled over with laughter, and they want to take as many of us with them as possible. For three weeks in November, they'll be performing what may very well be the last sketch comedy show on Earth in a fortified concrete bunker at the Intersection for the Arts. And they're inviting you to have the last laugh with them.

Zombies, the Rapture, bucket lists, and the finer points of post-apocalyptic cuisine are just a few of the subjects this gritty, ragtag band of renegade Lobsters will resurrect from the ashes of our once-proud civilization.

Tickets are going fast, so hurry and get yours. You are – literally – running out of time!

Killing My Lobster Does Not Fear the End, directed by Andrew Packard, stars Erin Carter, Jamie Currier, Calum Grant, Matt Gunnison, Allison Page, and Paco Romane. The show runs Nov 1-18, Thursdays-Saturdays 8 PM, Sundays 7 PM. at Intersection for the Arts, 925 Mission (@ 5th St.). Tickets available now at

Pictured: Erin Carter, Paco Romane, Allison Page, Calum Grant, and Matt Gunnison

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