STAGE TUBE: Iona College Students Create Taylor Swift Musical- IT'S A LOVE STORY

Students at Iona College have put the tunes of Taylor Swift into a musical- It's a Love Story, a light-hearted original musical about finding yourself in high school told through the music of Swift. The show will be performed at Iona College's Doorley Auditorium on May 9th at 8pm and on May 10th at 2pm and 8pm, with a special live feed of the show on May 9th. In the video below, the cast invites Swift to join them for a performance!

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"It's A Love Story" is a fun, light-hearted musical featuring the music of Taylor Swift. Centering around the character Bailey Scott and her feelings for her best guy friend, Taylor. This story is about the tumultuous and emotional world of not only finding love in high school, but of finding yourself.

Bailey has a hidden talent for singing that Taylor encourages her to show the world. Her feelings for him grow but she keeps them hidden to keep the friendship intact and because he is dating the Regina George of their high school, Katie. It all comes to a head when Bailey reveals to Taylor how she feels and he seems to run away from the problem. This motivates her to stand up to Katie once and for all, and finally expresses herself, through singing, at an open mic night.

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