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I've Got Your Number - Tom Wopat 2013


I've Got Your Number

With "I'VE GOT YOUR NUMBER," Tom's musical expedition has traveled into even more colorful territory. Backed by a thirty-piece orchestra, he fulfills his desire to focus on what he describes as the "orchestra/big band hybrid of the '60s and '70s." "We've evoked the spirit of the New York supper club era and the cool vibe of the Mad Men days," he states. "The recording swings hard and there's a lot of really fine music." And, there's a lot of fine singing all over the fourteen captivating tracks. Tom applies his far-ranging interpretive skills and warm engaging baritone to discovering new, intriguing musical twists in such Great American Songbook classics as "The Folks Who Live On The Hill," "Call Me," "Born To Be Blue," and "I Won't Dance." Listen to the way he romps through the different rhythms of "I've Got Your Number" and "The Good Life" -- typical of his easygoing interaction with the grooves of his orchestra/big band backing. Listen as well to how he transforms the singer/songwriter tunes -- James Taylor's "The Secret O' Life," Paul Simon's "The Afterlife," Judy Collins' "Since You Asked," Bruce Springsteen's "Meeting Across the River" -- into jazz-tinged renditions. And, to the sense of jazz authenticity that informs both Tom's singing and his interaction with the lush big band arrangements.

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