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Bates Motel Return 2016.
Started By: Mr Roxy
18925,2267/23/16 6:54am
Shootings! Shootings! Shootings! Today's and tomorrow's shootings!
Started By: FindingNamo
1,002339,6947/23/16 1:32am
Clinton vs. Trump: The Coming Landslide
Started By: PalJoey
92863,0617/23/16 1:30am
Ghostbusters 2016
Started By: ChgoTheatreGuy
411,7677/22/16 11:56pm
A New "View" Starts Today
Started By: ucjrdude902
830351,8897/22/16 11:27pm
clinton vs. sanders your vote?
Started By: South Florida
3,7471,269,2287/22/16 10:24pm
Sometimes Sass Gets You a Hurt ...
Started By: javero
0757/22/16 10:09pm
the latest police shooting snafu
Started By: javero
154667/22/16 9:02pm
Here We Go Again
Started By: Mr Roxy
184287/22/16 7:53pm
Mr Roxy
Carpool Karaoke, FLOTUS edition
Started By: madbrian
83507/22/16 1:09pm
Is there a more loathsome individual than Milo Yiannopoulos?
Started By: adamgreer
94837/22/16 11:39am
Can The Adults Please Smoke? 38 and FEELING GREAT!!
Started By: bdwaygirl
1,034253,2717/22/16 10:32am
Farmer's Daughter
New director
Started By: Call_me_jorge
01047/21/16 8:44pm
Play Selection for fairly new theater program
Started By: Sean_CATheater
0577/21/16 7:58pm
Attending High School Reunions
Started By: ArtMan
216807/21/16 6:24pm
Fix your boyfriend or husband
Started By: MODELING2
21307/21/16 5:42pm
Ailes is out
Started By: madbrian
97427/21/16 5:41pm
Laura Benanti as Melania Trump; LOL!
Started By: Steve C.
341,3257/21/16 10:05am
R.I.P. Garry Marshall
Started By: ChgoTheatreGuy
62967/20/16 10:09pm
Turkey overtaken by military group
Started By: Broadway Joe
86287/20/16 7:16pm
Mr Roxy
Started By: WiCkEDrOcKS
115347/20/16 3:54pm
Mildred Plotka
Owen Pallett/Final Fantasy - "He Poos Clouds"
Started By: darquegk
0787/20/16 3:07pm
The Emmy Nominations
Started By: SmoothLover
197747/20/16 1:38pm
Mister Matt
Presenting UK Prime Minister Theresa May
Started By: javero
103687/20/16 10:21am
Sign Language
Started By: yankeefan7
194407/20/16 9:00am
Hotel recommendations
Started By: Jane2
104947/19/16 10:16pm
OK, so I turned off my ad blocker
Started By: Farmer's Daughter
12497/19/16 7:33pm
MSM and New Media Treatment of the Obamas
Started By: javero
32807/19/16 4:05pm
unReal on Lifetime
Started By: uncageg
31947/19/16 10:44am
France attacked again.
Started By: songanddanceman2
562,1977/19/16 9:23am
Mr Roxy
Putnam County Spelling Bee Comes to The Secret Theatre July 21 - 31
Started By: RichardMazda
01017/18/16 10:02pm
The Four Seasons Restaurant Will Close Next Week
Started By: Jordan Catalano
261,3517/18/16 9:12pm
Stage Door Sally
Disney's Little Mermaid bluray editing blunder
Started By: BroadwayBenny
3953,6057/18/16 5:59pm
DVD and Blu-ray Disc bargains!
Started By: best12bars
474948,7547/18/16 2:42pm
HS drama teachers: save time and sanity
Started By: chiprome
01607/18/16 1:01pm
schadenfreude: don't try this
Started By: Brian07663NJ
12047/18/16 11:54am
The Night Of HBO
Started By: SmoothLover
138047/18/16 5:25am
New Gay Period Drama in the works
Started By: EricMontreal22
01907/18/16 2:42am
Started By: ArtMan
01027/16/16 7:11pm
BB18 starts tonight!
Started By: WhizzerMarvin
483,1567/16/16 1:48pm
Crazy Ex
Started By: Steve C.
15967/16/16 1:44pm
Steve C.
Secrets of the force awakens
Started By: Call_me_jorge
01417/15/16 8:59pm
Started By: SmoothLover
362,3677/15/16 5:44pm
Pair of tix to see Barbra Streisand in Las Vegas - face value
Started By: Popular
43557/15/16 2:16pm
Gay Novels?
Started By: Borstalboy
6027,2817/15/16 1:09pm
Blue Apron
Started By: AC126748
124907/15/16 10:31am
John Adams
Lin Manuel Miranda & Jennifer Lopez releasing new song to benefit Orlanda
Started By: madbrian
75167/14/16 9:10pm
Juniors To Open A New Location
Started By: Mr Roxy
211,0027/14/16 2:30pm
Scalia's Comments
Started By: brdlwyr
32907/14/16 12:51pm
Liza's Headband
Started By: Midnight Radio2
74,3577/14/16 11:16am
Mr Roxy

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Newsies The Musical in RaleighNewsies The Musical
Durham Performing Arts Center
(Runs 8/16 - 8/21)
Jesus Christ Superstar
Haywood Arts Regional Theater
(Runs 7/8 - 7/31)
Kinky Boots in RaleighKinky Boots
Durham Performing Arts Center
(Runs 9/13 - 9/18)
Twelfth Night
Paul Green Theatre
(Runs 3/1 - 3/19)
A Dance With Death in RaleighA Dance With Death
The Murder Mystery Company in Charlotte
(Runs 8/27 - 9/24)


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