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'any lunatic with a screenname'

I was amused this morning when I got my daily ' Google Alert' to get something which I saw contained the keywords and lunatic. Who'd have thunk?

Diane Smith-Sadak, a director at Towson University in Maryland staged a production in RENT, in which she cut lines from the show creating an alternate ending. Changing the script is a violation of MTI (and all the other licensing agencies) contracts and copyright policies and the licensing organization learned of this violation from our message board. Rather than accepting responsibility for violating a contract that she has signed, Smith-Sadak noted to The Towerlight, the university newspaper that "It got to, and when it gets to, any lunatic with a screenname can spew any kind of garbage that they want. And they did," Smith-Sadak said. "It was clear that they didn't see our production, [but were] voicing very strong opinions."

Thanks Diane. 

Posted on: Thursday, April 28, 2011 @ 08:33 AM Posted by: Robert Diamond

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