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We get a lot of weird press releases here at BroadwayWorld... Here's the weirdest one (to me) in recent memory. 

Spiderman Musical Prompts New Spiritual Talent Management Services

I Wanna Be On®, the innovative media and entertainment research network, launches new spiritual talent counseling services in response to "psychic" events at Broadway's most cursed house, the Foxwoods Theater, and home to Broadway's most expensive musical, Spiderman: Turn Off The Dark.

In conducting research about the commercial potential of the Spiderman Musical, audience members informed I Wanna Be On® Founder, Vincent Presti, about seeing psychic impressions around the theater. Since the Foxwoods Theater can be considered one of the most cursed houses on Broadway (from offstage events surrounding Ragtime to The Pirate Queen and even Young Frankenstein), these mentions were given great weight to I Wanna Be On's early analytical assessment.

Vincent Presti attended tonight's preview of Spiderman and has confirmed that there was some other "entertaining forces" in the theatrical space. "Indeed, there was something else present around that theater and it did not have any union membership in this dimension," commented I Wanna Be On's Founder. After the show, Presti sent an inquiry to some production members about their experiences at the Foxwoods Theater and is awaiting response.

Shaman Lawyer, an I Wanna Be On® Packaged Personality, had previously allowed Presti a chance to provide spiritual consulting services. The New Yorker recognized Shaman Lawyer Presti for his "conversation" with Noel Coward communicated to the Christine Ebersole and the producers of the Blithe Spirit revival.

I Wanna Be On® will evaluate the viability of launching the first, full-service spiritualist talent management company in 2011.

Posted on: Thursday, December 09, 2010 @ 08:22 AM Posted by: Robert Diamond

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