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Cranky Sondheim?

Sondheim-West-End-Sad-20010101Talking to the London Times, Stephen Sondheim sounds off about much of the current state of commercial theatre, noting that while he can appreciate hits such as The Book of Mormon as a "fun college show", in response to the idea that this perceived trend could be permanent, Sondheim remarks: "I think so. Commercial theatre will only get more narrow as time goes on. There are so many forms of entertainment, theatre is becoming more marginalised. It's become ‘an event': you see Wicked on your anniversary. I don't think commercial theatre can fulfil a function as a constant feeding ground for emotions and thoughts."

For more of his thoughts, click here

Do you think he's cranky, overly critical or spot on?

Posted on: Monday, March 05, 2012 @ 02:23 PM Posted by: Robert Diamond

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