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Actor Breakups = Off Limits

We've recently received a slew of queries asking "Why haven't you commented or posted about..." and equally as many extolling kudos "We're glad that you haven't sunk so low as to post or write about..." lately. The reason for the comments came as a result of choosing to skip or ignore writing or posting about recent 'high profile' relationships involving theatre professionals.

While is certainly interested in any type of 'traffic grab' stories and we often cover things that are tangentially related to our main mission of covering all things involving live entertainment, across the globe, this is indeed where, me as the Editor-in-Chief/CEO and our Editorial Team draw the line and will not go where other sites will troll for unnecessary trouble. 

We're continually happy to share ANY news about the lives and doings of performers, including weddings, births, passings and other pertinent news to our readership and fans, but the whole point of 'editing' is to use judgement, especially when NO ONE WINS in spreading questionable news out there, whether an 'official' statement has been given or not. aims to use both our taste and mission statement, judiciously. 

We aspire to many things as a constantly growing and expanding web site, but 'Supermarket Tabloid-ism' isn't on OUR list. 


Posted on: Thursday, August 01, 2013 @ 10:58 AM Posted by: Robert Diamond

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