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STAGE TUBE: ASK A TRAINER's 'Buckley Body Minute' - Caveman Cardio
by Stage Tube - Mar 10, 2014

In this Buckley Body Minute, NYC Celebrity Trainer Michael Buckley demonstrates some high intensity exercises designed to improve speed, agility, muscular endurance and respiratory stamina while burning more calories in a shorter period of time than traditional cardio. (more...)

ASK A TRAINER: 'What are the Best Workouts for Couples?'
by Michael Buckley - Feb 19, 2014

'Hi Mike - my guy and I finally moved past the denial stage on his love handles and my muffin top! We want to spend more time at the gym vs. at the bar. While I'm have a fantastic trainer, he is a bit rusty and I want to make it fun for both of us to workout together. Any suggestions?' -Emily A., New York, NY (more...)

ASK A TRAINER: 'What Do You Think of THE BIGGEST LOSER Controversy?'
by Michael Buckley - Feb 06, 2014

When this year's Biggest Loser was revealed jaws dropped, whispers filled the auditorium and all in attendance were shocked at the incredible transformation the formerly obese young woman had undergone since the show began filming. She, as has been the case for every previous winner in the show's history, looked like a different person. But, according to many that saw the broadcast, not in a good way. (more...)

STAGE TUBE: ASK A TRAINER's 'Buckley Body Minute' - Secret Weapon for 6-Pack Abs
by Stage Tube - Feb 05, 2014

NYC celebrity trainer, Michael Buckley, takes you through an easy-to-prepare ab-friendly meal for people on the go. Also, Michael reveals the piece of equipment he considers his 6-pack secret weapon. (more...)

STAGE TUBE: ASK A TRAINER's 'Buckley Body Minute' - Kettlebells
by Stage Tube - Jan 30, 2014

NYC Celebrity Trainer Michael Buckley shows you how to do a proper Kettlebell swing in this entertaining and informative video. (more...)

ASK A TRAINER: 'What Exercises Do You Recommend for Someone With Bad Feet trying to Lose Weight?'
by Michael Buckley - Jan 23, 2014

'I have to lose weight but my feet are bad and I am having trouble walking especially when you have to be on your feet to make a living. Any weight lifting chair exercise you can recommend if any? Thanks for you help.'--- Elsa F., Hackettstown, NJ (more...)

ASK A TRAINER: 'How Can I Keep My New Year's Resolution?'
by Michael Buckley - Jan 13, 2014

'Happy New Year! My resolution this year is to turn over a new leaf this year and get serious about my health so I took advantage of a New Year's sale and joined a gym. I just finished the first week of my membership and so far I've gone four times. I am worried because I have tried to get into fitness in the past and I always fall off the wagon. The last time I joined a gym a couple of years ago I was good for the first month and then ended up paying for six months of a gym membership I didn't even use. Do you have any advice on how I can keep my New Year's resolution?' - Kate L., East Stroudsburg, PA (more...)

BWW Interviews: KettleWorX Head Trainer Alex Isaly Talks New 20-Minute 8-Week Rapid Evolution Program & More!
by Michael Buckley - Jan 03, 2014

I'm a big fan of kettlebells in my own practice (click here for more on that.) When I had the opportunity to interview Alex Isaly, the head trainer for KettleWorx, an exercise program built around the use of kettlebells, I jumped at the opportunity. For more on KettleWorX, check out their web site at KettleWorX.com. (more...)

ASK A TRAINER: My New Year's Resolution is to Get a Sexy 6-Pack. PLEASE HELP!
by Michael Buckley - Dec 31, 2013

'Happy New Year's! One of my friends told me to check out your column because I just joined a gym and I am totally going to use a lot of the advice you have written about. My New Year's resolution this year is to get a six-pack. If I started working out on January 2, how long will it take me to get a six-pack? Any specific tricks you can recommend to help me get the abs I've always wanted.' --Barry Z., Levittown, NY (more...)

ASK A TRAINER: 'Is Sex a Good Workout to Lose Weight? How Many Calories Does Sex Burn?'
by Michael Buckley - Dec 17, 2013

'How many calories do you burn during sex? Is it a good workout to lose weight and get fit?'- Reba L., San Francisco, CA (more...)

Robert Graham Opens N.Y. Flagship
by BWW News Desk - Dec 06, 2013

Robert Graham opened a flagship store in the West Village at 380 Bleecker Street in New York. Inside you'll find the complete Robert Graham collection of men's sportswear, outerwear, denim, plus furnishings, accessories and women's sportswear. (more...)

ASK A TRAINER: 'What is the Bulletproof Coffee Breakfast and Will it Help Me Lose Weight?'
by Michael Buckley - Dec 05, 2013

'Have you heard of Bullletproof Coffee Breakfast? Will it really help me lose weight? Is everything else they say about it true? You think it's a good pre-workout 'meal?' You think it's a good idea in general?' - C.V., California (more...)

ASK A TRAINER: 'How Do You Motivate a Client with Unrealistic Expectations?'
by Michael Buckley - Nov 22, 2013

'Hi. I'm a personal trainer like you and I have recommended some of your postings to a bunch of clients. Lots of times people come to me with fitness goals that are overly ambitious. I am good at my job and I have had success with a lot of my clients and when I have a new client I don't want to totally ruin their enthusiasm. Plus, this is a business and I want to put on business without promising results that are not realistic. How do you manage client expectations while keeping a new client motivated and how do you put on new business without making unrealistic promises?' - Holly L., San Luis Obiscpo, CA (more...)

ASK A TRAINER: 'If You Could Only Use One Piece of Workout Equipment, What Would It Be?'
by Michael Buckley - Nov 13, 2013

'Do you watch 'The Biggest Loser?' I read your column and have seen some of your videos and you could totally be on it. They did something on the show this season where the trainers had to work without certain pieces of equipment and it made me think about this. If you could only use one single kind of equipment to workout yourself or your clients what would it be; weights, kettlebells, medicine balls, resistance bands, treadmill, elliptical machine, spin bike or something else? (Please don't say that you would just use body weight exercises.)' -Martha S., Massapequa, NY (more...)

ASK A TRAINER: 'Why Do You Get More Sore During the Winter and What Can You Do About it?'
by Michael Buckley - Nov 06, 2013

'I'm fairly active. I go to the gym to lift three or four times a week. I don't know if it's just in my head but I feel like I get extra sore during the winter. It's not the kind of pain that prevents me from doing anything. I don't have arthritis or anything. I feel a little extra achy the day after or a few days after I workout. If it's not just that I'm crazy and it's in my head, why does this happen? I also make sure to stretch really well before I exercise so what else can I do to help this?' -Walter K., New Hope, PA (more...)

ASK A TRAINER: 'Will Late Night Snacking Sabotage My Workouts?'
by Michael Buckley - Oct 29, 2013

'Hi. I work out five days a week. I know how easy it is to sabotage your workouts with a crappy diet. I have always heard that you shouldn't eat too close to bedtime but I find myself getting hungry at night and sometimes I feel like I won't sleep if I don't eat a little something. I came across this list of 'healthy' late night snacks on the Internet and a lot of them looked like B.S. Are any of these actually good choices and, if not, what do you recommend I do about my late night cravings?' - Penelope D., Ramapo, NJ (more...)

ASK A TRAINER's 'Buckley Body Minute' - The Correct Push-Up
by Michael Buckley - Oct 23, 2013

Push ups have been around for ages. If done correctly, they are one of the most effective exercises you could possibly do. In the this installment of The Buckley Body Minute, BWW Lead Trainer, Michael Buckley shows you how to do a perfect push up. (more...)

ASK A TRAINER: 'Are There Health Benefits to Drinking Guiness?'
by Michael Buckley - Oct 21, 2013

'Hi. When my sister was pregnant, she would have a half a pint of Guiness a day because it is high in Iron. Her son is now two; he's healthy, growing normally and bright. I work out three times a week and try and eat right. I can easily turn away from sweets and fried foods but my one weakness is beer. If I stick to Guiness, can I use it to help meet my daily Iron needs? Am I better off drinking Guiness than other brands?' - Angelo P., Sarasota, FL (more...)

ASK A TRAINER: 'Can You Recommend a Good Diet Book?'
by Michael Buckley - Oct 16, 2013

'I'm a 37 year old man that just started working with a trainer. I'm not fat but I am kind of soft, especially in the stomach. I want to lose the fat and still put on muscle. I get that diet is such a big factor if you want to lose fat but I also want to make sure I'm eating enough to get the most out of my workouts. Is there a particular diet book you can recommend?' - Derek T., Milton, PA (more...)

ASK A TRAINER: 'Should I Use a Pre-Workout Energy Drink? Can I Substitute Protein Shakes for Meals?'
by Michael Buckley - Oct 09, 2013

'Hi, I read your answer about gaining weight even though I'm working out and have a few questions if you could possibly help me out please? First, I'm 36 female 5'6 198lbs. size 13 and I work out to Turbo Jam 6 days a week for 30-60 mins a day. Alternating cardio and strength training and some days both. My first question is... Can I drink protein shakes instead of eating? My second question is... Is it ok to drink pre-workout drinks before my workouts? (It gives me energy to get through my workouts.)'- Tonya R. (more...)

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