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ASK A TRAINER: 'Is It Safe to Workout With a Hangover?'
by Michael Buckley - Jul 22, 2014

'Is it safe to work out with a hangover?' - Craig H., Syracuse, NY (more...)

STAGE TUBE: THE BODCAST - Drugs, Drinking and Donuts
by Stage Tube - Jul 17, 2014

BWW Fitness World's Michael Buckley and Robyn Schall talk addiction with comedian and recovering addict, Emma Willman, on this week's episode of The Bodcast entitled 'Drugs, Drinking and Donuts.' (more...)

Michael Buckley Launches DreamBody Rooftop FitCamp, 7/21-25
by BWW News Desk - Jul 14, 2014

Buckley Body Solutions, Addison Hosptality Group and DreamNew York are proud to announce Michael Buckley's DreamBody Rooftop FitCamp, a week-long fitness camp held on the rooftop of Ava Lounge at Dream New York Hotel. The camp will take place from 7 AM- 8 AM, July 21 through July 25 rain or shine. Space is limited and tickets can be purchased atDreamBody.Eventbrite.Com. (more...)

Stephen Kelly & the Headhunted to Play Coughlan's, 16 July
by BWW News Desk - Jul 11, 2014

This Wednesday, 16th of July at 9pm, Stephen Kelly & the Headhunted will be performing at IMRO award-winning venue Coughlan's, Douglas Street, Cork City, admission 10 (more...)

STAGE TUBE: THE BODCAST Talks the Truth Behind Infomericals
by Stage Tube - Jul 08, 2014

On this week's episode of The Bodcast, BWW Fitness World lead trainer Michael Buckley and co-host Robyn Schall talk to two people that participated in a fitness infomercial to get the real story behind those dramatic weight loss results. (more...)

STAGE TUBE: THE BODCAST Talks Getting Personal With Your Personal Trainer
by Stage Tube - Jul 03, 2014

In this very sexy episode of The Bodcast, BWW Fitness lead trainer, Michael Buckley and co-host Robyn Schall talk to a guy that had an affair with his personal trainer. (more...)

BWW's Lead Trainer, Michael Buckley, Launches THE BODCAST - Ep. 1 'Steroids'
by Michael Buckley - Jun 16, 2014

BWW Fitness World's Michael Buckley and co-host Robyn Schall talk to a former steroid user on the bigger, stronger, performance enhanced debut episode of The Bodcast. (more...)

UCLA Extension Writers' Program Presents Their Annual Publication Party, Today
by BWW News Desk - Jun 11, 2014

Some of Los Angeles' most talented writers will gather today, June 12, for the 21st annual UCLA Extension Writers' Program 'Publication Party.' (more...)

ASK A TRAINER: How True is the Expression 'No Pain, No Gain?'
by Michael Buckley - May 23, 2014

'I just joined a gym. I've never been a fitness person so I hired a trainer to show me a few things. I definitely want to be pushed but sometimes I feel like he's pushing me too hard. Am I just being a wimp? I almost called out of work the other day because I was so sore. When I told my trainer, he kind of laughed and said, 'no pain no gain.' How true is it when they say, 'no pain no gain?' - Dennis C., Charlotte, NC (more...)

ASK A TRAINER: 'What is the Fastest Way to Get Bikini Ready?'
by Michael Buckley - May 16, 2014

'What's the Fastest Way to Get Bikini Ready?'-Kelly K., Point Pleasant, NJ (more...)

ASK A TRAINER: 'Is Spin Class a Bad Idea for People with Back Problems?'
by Michael Buckley - May 07, 2014

'I took a spin class this morning and my back is really sore now, is this probably not a good idea for me?' Daniel B., Los Angeles, CA (more...)

ASK A TRAINER: 'What Workout Do You Suggest for Someone That's Skinny Fat?'
by Michael Buckley - Apr 23, 2014

'Hi. I'm 31 and I've always been on the thin side. I've been lucky because I've stayed thin even though I eat whatever I want and I've never stepped foot inside a gym. I'm what you might call 'skinny fat,'- I look fine in clothes but underneath I'm not toned at all- my tummy is especially soft and I feel like as I get older, the softer it gets. I'm in fine health and I know this is going to sound totally shallow but my husband and I are renting a beach house for a week this August and I want to be able to wear a bikini and feel good about it. I don't even know where to start-I'm totally not athletic and when it comes to exercise, I tried running with one of my friends and I hated it. Should I just suck it up and learn to love running? What is the best workout for someone that's skinny fat?'- Jamie J., Stony Point, NY (more...)

ASK A TRAINER: 'How Can I Avoid Getting Fat While Recovering From Surgery?'
by Michael Buckley - Apr 18, 2014

'I'm a very active person. I'm a lifelong runner and I take a strength and conditioning class twice a week. Plus, a lot of my hobbies are very physical. I like surfing and hiking. Last week, I had to have emergency gallbladder surgery and I need to stop working out for about 6 weeks and maybe more. Other than not being able to exercise, I worry because my activity levels are so high and with such a sudden drop in activity, I'm afraid I'm going to get fat. How can I avoid gaining weight while I recover?'-Sandra V., Santee, CA (more...)

ASK A TRAINER: 'How Can I Get Rid of the Jiggly Underarm Fat?'
by Michael Buckley - Apr 11, 2014

'How can I get rid of my jiggly, underarm fat?'-Amanda K., Syosset, NY (more...)

ASK A TRAINER: 'Will the Atkins Diet Help Me Get Abs?'
by Michael Buckley - Apr 03, 2014

'I want abs but I don't want to lose the size in my arms and chest. Should I go on Atkins so I can lose the fat in my gut but still get enough protein to keep muscle at the same time?'-Jimmy K., New York, NY (more...)

ASK A TRAINER: 'How Can I Strengthen My Lower Back?'
by Michael Buckley - Mar 25, 2014

'It seems like people constantly hurt their back while doing mundane, everyday things. How can that be avoided?' I'm pretty sure that you're supposed to be working out your lower back as part of core strengthening. What's the safe and proper way to do it? - Jon F., Fairfield, CT (more...)

STAGE TUBE: ASK A TRAINER's 'Buckley Body Minute' - Caveman Cardio
by Stage Tube - Mar 10, 2014

In this Buckley Body Minute, NYC Celebrity Trainer Michael Buckley demonstrates some high intensity exercises designed to improve speed, agility, muscular endurance and respiratory stamina while burning more calories in a shorter period of time than traditional cardio. (more...)

ASK A TRAINER: 'What Can I Do if Exercise Makes Me Really Hungry?'
by Michael Buckley - Mar 06, 2014

'I have been a very active person most my life; I played four sports in high school. I had to stop running and actually exercising altogether last year because I had knee surgery. I finished physical therapy and am back to my old, active self now. I try to take two to four classes at my gym each week and I do strength weights and abs with a trainer twice a week. I gained some weight when I was recovering from surgery and I've lost most of it but since I started exercising again I've noticed that I'm always hungry. They say you should listen to your body so maybe it has something to do with getting older. How can I lose the last few pounds and keep the weight off and stay as active as I am without feeling like I'm starving?' - Terry M., Farmingdale, NY (more...)

ASK A TRAINER: 'How Much Cardio Should I Do?'
by Michael Buckley - Feb 28, 2014

'I have lost 40 pounds over the last year and a half or so. I lost weight by reducing calories and eating less junk. When I started dieting, I also started walking to and from work and after a couple months bought an elliptical machine for my house. I started doing ten minutes at a time and now for the past three months I'm doing 30 minutes three times a week and I still walk to work. The thing is I stopped losing weight about two months ago. Don't get me wrong, I'm proud of the weight I lost but I still have more weight to lose (I'm 5'3' and 160 pounds.) I'm eating about 1600 calories a day and if I go too far below that there's no way I'll be able to stick to it. So my question is how much more cardio do I need to do to lose that last twenty pounds to get to my goal weight? I don't have too much more time in my week to exercise. Should I just accept that I'll always be chubby and just be happy that at least I'm better off now than I was before?' - Adria S., Edison, NJ (more...)

ASK A TRAINER: 'What are the Best Workouts for Couples?'
by Michael Buckley - Feb 19, 2014

'Hi Mike - my guy and I finally moved past the denial stage on his love handles and my muffin top! We want to spend more time at the gym vs. at the bar. While I'm have a fantastic trainer, he is a bit rusty and I want to make it fun for both of us to workout together. Any suggestions?' -Emily A., New York, NY (more...)

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