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BWW Reviews: YOUNG FRANKENSTEIN Should Delight Beck Audiences, But...
by Roy Berko - Jul 14, 2014

On a November Saturday afternoon in 2007, I anxiously entered the Hilton Theatre in New York. I love exaggerated, well-conceived and performed farce. I was going to see 'Young Frankenstein' by the king of farce and parody, Mel Brooks. Yes, 'Young Frankenstein,' officially known as 'The New Mel Brooks Young Frankenstein,' was the Broadway follow-up to 'The Producers,' by the comedy madman and his writing sidekick, Thomas Meehan. (more...)

BWW Reviews: Farcical Funny Musical Blood Bath at Blank Canvas
by Roy Berko - Oct 15, 2013

As audience members smilingly walked out of Blank Canvas's THE TEXAS CHAINSAW MUSICAL! covered with spatterings of stage blood, I could only think that something appears to have gone off-course in Cleveland theatre. On stage at local venues are the blood revenge musical, SWEENEY TODD, as well as the story of the maniacal murderous RICHARD III. Then there is the burning up of a boy and the live burial of his mother in LILIES at convergence continuum. Now, I had just seen a psycho killer who uses a chainsaw, knives, hammers and baseball bats to bludgeon his victims. Victims who sing gleefully about their demise. (more...)

by Roy Berko - Dec 01, 2012

What does an airheaded, "good" girl from Beaverton Jesuit High School do when she wants to be a Dallas Cowgirl professional football team cheerleader, and she gets accepted, but doesn't have the money to get from Oklahoma to the big city? She and her cheerleading friends, of course, turn to prostitution. That, at least is the premise of the classic porn flick DEBBIE DOES DALLAS, as well as the musical based on that flick. The latter is now on stage at Blank Canvas. (more...)

BWW Reviews: XANADU at Beck Center Turns Bad Script Into Funky Fun
by Roy Berko - Sep 22, 2012

If you are in the mood for total silliness, want to hear some well sung classical modern songs, and desire to see some excellent dancing, XANADU is for you. The "Magic" may "Suddenly" take you to "Xanadu," allowing you to be "Suspended in Time," so, "Don't Walk Away" from seeing this show at Beck. (more...)

Photo Flash: First Look at Beck Center for the Arts' XANADU
by BWW News Desk - Sep 15, 2012

Beck Center for the Arts rolls out its 2012/2013 Professional Theater season with the first locally produced premiere of Xanadu, the award-winning Broadway hit musical based on the Universal Pictures' cult classic movie of the same title, which starred Olivia Newton-John and Gene Kelly. Xanadu runs on the Mackey Main Stage now through October 14, 2012. Get a first look at the production in the photos below! (more...)