Recently: The Little Foxes (NYTW); The Winter's Tale (The Public/Shakespeare in the Park). New York: Mabou Mines, Vineyard Theatre, 13P, Lincoln Center Theater Directors Lab, Ma-Yi Theater Company, Signature Theatre Company. Regional: Coronet Theatre; Kirk Douglas Theatre; The Theatre @ Boston Court; East West Players; Taper, Too; Walt Disney Concert Hall; Mark Taper Forum. NYTW Usual Suspect. Proud member of AEA.

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@endersplayroom - 7/26/14 08:24pm so you know how sometimes a horse gets into the oats & overeats & in extreme cases, you have to bleed him? well..I'm there now. #toomuchfood

@endersplayroom - 7/22/14 01:00pm lesson learned: sleeping in is great, but attempting to run 4-miles at high noon is not a good idea. There were vultures circling overhead!