Billie Wildrick Biography


@billieville - 2/27/15 05:56pm All the energy you spend on people who are hurtful+careless? Pour it into loving people who are kind+generous. #transferbalances #rightnow

@billieville - 2/22/15 03:06pm 16oz dark roast + 2 added shots + cream. Wresting a few drops of life sustaining milk from the stingy breast of Sunday morning #5showweekend


Billie's first professional review stated she "couldn't be more appealing if she were a banana." Now she's making her Broadway debut! In the meantime, Billie has been enjoying a vibrant career in Seattle playing wonderful roles like Dot/Marie (Sunday in the Park with George), Adelaide (Guys and Dolls) and Eileen (Wonderful Town) at the 5th Avenue Theatre; Mary (Vanities) and Brunhilde (Das Barbece) at ACT; and assorted other hippies, virgins, stewardesses, showgirls, sassy maids and waitresses, grandmothers, birds, femme fatales, princesses, milliners, prisoners and nymphomaniacal anthropologists at the 5th Avenue, ACT, Village Theatre and Seattle Children's. Billie can be heard on the original cast recoding of A Christmas Story in the creamy radio quartet, is not at all famous for Rita's running piano ad lib in White Christmas and played Dyanne in the first reading of Million Dollar Quartet at the coolest event of the year- the Village Theatre Festival of New Musicals. Billie is a proud founding member of The Cordless Moon Generative Artist Collective, the bands Obnoxiousaurus and Winding Stair as well as girl trio The Daffodils.

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