Red Garnet Theater Presents Two Solo Performances in BROKEN HOMES, Now thru 6/23

June 5
12:30 AM 2014
Red Garnet Theater Presents Two Solo Performances in BROKEN HOMES, Now thru 6/23

Red Garnet Theater Company's Broken Homes, a world premiere featuring original solo performances: Welcome to America by Lauren Lubow* and Two Grey Hairs by Mia Ellis* will be directed by Ruth Coughlin at Horse Trade's Under St. Marks, beginning today, June 5th and running through June 23rd, 2014.

Families are a home we can never leave. They are the foundation from which our lives are built. Divide this base in half, and the cracks of our youth begin to show. These cracks can propel you forward, but they also hold you back. Broken Homes is an event that relives the memories of two separate lives spent in isolation.

But in this evening of solo work, "Welcome to America" and "Two Grey Hairs," these women find themselves reaching out to connect through narrative. As they return to the broken ties of their past, we enter two different walks of life and discover these women are more alike than different.

Performances will run at Horse Trade's Under St. Marks venue at 94 St. Marks Pl. Performance Schedule: June 5th-7th at 7pm; June 12th-14th at 7pm; June 19th-21st at 7pm; June 16th & 23rd at 7pm; and June 22nd at 2pm. Ticket Price: $18. Please reserve tickets and make your $20 donation by clicking HERE.

* This is an Equity Approved Showcase.

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