Metropolitan Playhouse Presents 8 New Works and More in Founders Festival, 1/14-27

From Shore To Shore (A new play)
by LuLu LoLo A Lulu LoLo Production (New York)
A farcical melodrama portraying the ghostly laments of Aaron Burr and his daughter, Theodosia Burr Alston, as they haunt the shorelines of Battery Park and South Carolina. Burr, remembered as the man who killed Alexander Hamilton, was also a visionary who advocated the rights of women.

A Room In The Middle (A new play)
by Vladimir Zevelinsky (Massachusetts)
1787, Massachusetts. Farmers, returning from the Revolutionary War, find their homes in foreclosure. The Farmers decide to protest and begin what will be known as Shays' Rebellion. After a disastrous attempt to take the Springfield arsenal, the surviving rebels are pursued through the blizzard by a superior force of state regulars. Three rebels are cornered in an abandoned farmhouse and have less than an hour to decide how their futures will enfold...

Your Colonel (A new play)
by Montgomery Sutton (New York)
In July 1776, the Declaration of Independence is the last thing on the mind of young Colonel Aaron Burr. As the British fleet lands on Staten Island, Burr's romance with the 15-year-old daughter of a British Major and his longstanding battle of principles with George Washington collide to set him on the path towards becoming our most vilified founding father.

Revolt! Death! And Taxes! (A new play)
by Zero Boy (New York)
The Boston Revolt sparked the American Revolution and Independence. The man that all the founding fathers thought of as the founder was Sam Adams. Beer maker or muckraker? Riot leader or politician? Zero Boy takes you on sonic, comic, and visual journey to Boston and England to learn what really happened!

My First Lady (A new play)
By David Koteles JAJ Productions (New York)
March 1801: You are cordially invited to join Martha Washington, AbiGail Adams, Dolley Madison, and Thomas Jefferson's daughters for an afternoon of tea and pleasantries at the newly-opened President's House. All slaves must be left at the door. My First Lady seeks to explore how a tea party becomes a battle of race, class, gender and the American Dream...

A Servant For Life (A new play)
by Andrea Pinyan A Radiohound production (New York)
An imagined meeting of Thomas Jefferson--a founding father with conflicting beliefs on slavery--and Phillis Wheatley - a slave who earned her freedom though her poetry, confronts his attitudes towards her race and her definition of freedom.

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