U.S. Premiere of WALLY WATTHEAD AND HIS LOST GLOW Set for New World Stages Tonight

U.S. Premiere of WALLY WATTHEAD AND HIS LOST GLOW Set for New World Stages Tonight

The Amazing Magic Theatre Ltd. will present the American premiere of their acclaimed family entertainment Wally Watthead and his Lost Glow at New World Stages, created and performed by Janne Raudaskoski, tonight, January 14, 2014. The show will begin at 7:00 PM and has a 50-minute running time with no intermission. A new kind of theatrical experience combining magic, clowning, mime, black light theatre, video, various special effects, humor and heart debuts in the states after acclaimed performances in London, Russia and China and other spots around the globe. In fact, the Fall 2013 tour through China sold out their biggest venues, including the Guangzhou Opera House and Tianjin Grand Theatre, and the show was seen across the nation on China Central Television. According toHelsingin Sanomat, Finland's most popular newspaper, "The magical performance for children delivers great entertainment for adults as well. The show is recommended not only for children but to everyone."

Wally Watthead and His Lost Glow is magician Janne Raudaskoski's adventurous and experiential magic theatre performance for the entire family. The play takes place on the night desk of a girl called Polly - the home to a mobile phone, a night lamp and a picture of Polly. Everything is fine until one day Wally Watthead, the night lamp, loses his glow. Simon Simcard, a smartphone, helps Wally regain his glow, and the magic of the play is based on their adventures together. Among a variety of other tricks, Wally Watthead is seen levitating in the air and shrinking himself to miniature size. The chemistry between the two buddies is, however, put to test when Polly Picture - whom Wally is rather fond of - comes to life.

The show was conceived by Janne Raudaskoski , who stars as Wally, opposite Tuija Nuojua as "Polly Picture" and Jonathan Hutchings as the voice of "Simon Simcard." Wally Watthead features a script by Janne Raudaskoski and Sami Rannila, and is directed by Sami Rannila.

Wally Watthead has magic by Janne Raudaskoski and Tatu Tyni, video by Sanna Malkavaara, light and sound design by Petri Mikkonen, costumes by Kaisa Kemikoski and set design by Kaisa Kemikoski and Janne Raudaskoski and makeup by Minna Pilvinen.

The show had its world premiere at Unga Teatern in Helsinki, Finland, on August 28, 2008. Wally Watthead - which has been performed in English, Swedish, Russian and Chinese versions - is supported by the Finnish Cultural Foundation and the Arts Council of Finland.

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