Pristine Playhouse to Present Stephanie Ogeleza's BONAFIDE 2013, 11/1-3

Pristine Playhouse to Present Stephanie Ogeleza's BONAFIDE 2013, 11/1-3

Bonafide 2013 is created by Stephanie Ogeleza and Produced by Pristine Playhouse and will run November 1, 2 & 3, 2013.

This theatrical production is one that represents strength, determination, and the willingness to overcome life's many unwanted and unexpected hardships. It encourages one to look into a mirror and get down to the core of who it is that they really are. Still standing, breathing and the ability to prepare themselves for the inevitable adventures that life has to come. We present to you.......Bonafide.

Each annual production tells different stories with a different group of actors. We dive into the realities of issues faced by men and women from all over the world.

Listed Below Are The Issues For This Year:

- Relationships are consistently being torn apart and our society of today has not yet been able to regain the essence of what was once known as true love.

- Children are being raised in single parent homes and are forced to walk around with many unanswered questions. Minds are filled with poisoned thoughts and their hearts are overwhelmed with pain.

- The streets of the world are walked upon by the heels of women. Strange men cologne on, her money made, her cries unheard, yet the mother smiles as she destructs her own child

- Lips to brim, needle to skin, the innocent eye in the corner at watch. not a blink, not a sound ,just a wet top, filled with tear drops.

Many are faced with problems like these and are reminded of them as they wake up every single day. This show seeks to inspire and create a better reality....taking us far beyond the ordinary play!

The production is comprised of (actors, stage manager, promotional manager(s), make-up artist, costume designer, graphic designer technical director, light and sound technical crew/engineers): Andrew Fitzsimons, Hope Little, Samantha Coppola, James Jarod, Jennifer Halweil, Brandon Delgado, Claudio Brovedani Nuti, Lawrence Wilson, Diane Dixon, Shruti Garg, TijAnna Walker, Angelica Toussaint, Jazmine Gonzalez,Ian Stephens, Solomon Peck, Sultana Shakur, Stacey Stephenson, Earline Stephen, and Writer/Director: Stephanie Ogeleza.

To support the Fundraiser (ticket specials are included): Indiegogo: Bonafide 2013 at For tickets - Bonafide 2013.


Andrew Fitzsimons

(Marty/Ensemble)Began his acting career in New Zealand but received most of his training in New York. The Lee Strasberg Institute really polished up his craft as a method actor. He has mostly worked on independent films with directors in NYC and he is inspired by this current theatre project "Bonafide 2013"

Brandon Delgado

(Uncle Jimmy/Ensemble) New York native Brandon Delgado is a graduate of the New England Conservatory of Music in Boston, where he received a degree in Operatic Performance. While in Boston, he established himself as a working performer in the classical music scene. Most recently, Brandon has begun to branch out into the Theater; performing in productions of Hamlet, Othello, and most recently Stephanie Ogeleza's, "Bonafide 2013". In addition to his singing and Theater work, he can be seen regularly performing standup comedy at the Comic Strip Live and other clubs around town.

Claudio Brovedani Nuti

(Tony/Ensemble)Claudio was brought on stage at the age of 6. He performed his entire life all over Italy and Europe, came to New York 4 years ago to study at the Lee Strasberg theatre and film institute. Since he completed his study he works as actor and screen writer, and of course, as bartender couple of times a week.

DiAnne Dixon

(Ifosa Mother/Ensemble) Has been involved in multiple theatrical productions. Enjoys portraying characters from various countries, and is a multi -talented dancer and actress. Very good with accents and looks forward to performing in more theatrical plays.

Hope Little

(Renee/Ensemble)Hope Little is an alumna of CUNY York college with a bachelor's degree in Speech Communication and Theater Arts. She has performed in live shows such as Lorraine Hansberry "A Raisin in the Sun" and Marcia , in "Our lady of 121st Street", written by Stephen Adley Gurigis. She is an aspiring actress who hopes to travel in Europe and become a huge star. "The man who can drive himself further once the effort gets painful is the man who will win" -Roger Bannister.

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