New Jersey Teenagers' Play BITTER AS BEER, SWEET LIKE DAISY Plays This Weekend

August 22
12:30 AM 2014
New Jersey Teenagers' Play BITTER AS BEER, SWEET LIKE DAISY Plays This Weekend

Off Broadway will play host to 3 performances written, directed, produced and performed by a gifted group of teenagers from New Jersey. The stage play, Bitter as Beer, Sweet like Daisy, will perform at the Roy Arias Studios, 300 43rd Street, this weekend, August 22-24th, 2014. WEG Media Group will serve as executive producer in association with Arielle Wren and Defining U.

Bitter As Beer, Sweet Like Daisy is the story of a girl, Rayne, who takes in her sister, Daisy who suffers from Dissociative Identity Disorder, and Daisy's friend, Skylar, after the two were kidnapped for 3 years. It explores the nature of the unconventional family they create and asks the question: how do we deal with trauma? How does life go on?

This original play was written by Mariah Ayscue and directed by Aaron Drill. The ensemble play features Prentiss Marquis as Daisy, Gabriella Musumeci - McGinn as Rayne, and Vivian Belosky as Skylar. The play will be performed on Friday, August 22nd at 8pm, Saturday, August 23rd at 8pm, and Sunday, August 24th at 8pm at the Roy Arias Studios, 43rd Street and 8th Avenue. St., in the world famous theater district in New York, NY.

For more information about Bitter As Beer, Sweet Like Daisy, contact Charles Williams' Office: 973 200 - 8311. Purchase tickets online at Visit them on Facebook by searching "Bitter As Beer, Sweet Like Daisy Off- Broadway."

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