FRIGID New York Presents LOVE IN THE TIME OF TIME MACHINES; Three Performances Left!

February 25
2:42 PM 2013

FRIGID New York Presents LOVE IN THE TIME OF TIME MACHINES; Three Performances Left!

Only three more chances to see this amazing play that critics are calling "clever and delightful" ( and audiences are calling their f"avourite play of the festival" (!

Once upon a time, Klein and Gabrielle broke up. And that was the end of it. OR WAS IT?! Yes, it was. OR WAS IT?!* In a world where time's arrow spins like a compass needle at the North Pole, do the actions of two people amount to a hill of beans? Sure, but what does that hill of beans amount to? I don't know; you're the bean expert! The point is, in this workaday life blah blah blah...Love in the Time of Time Machines.

This brand new show from Toronto's hottest up and coming performers delves into the murky world of love and loss. Comedy writing dynamos David Tichauer & Ned Petrie (Shoeless, Panel Show) pose the questions "What if you could go back in time and fix your mistakes? Would you? Should you?"

Directed by Chris Gibbs (Howie Do It, Just For Laughs) and starring Gillian English as the object of Ned and Dave's affection; (The Theatre Elusive) this Canadian play will have audiences laughing, crying, laughing until they cry, and maybe even peeing a little.

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