Silo Theatre Presents Alexi Kaye Campbell's THE PRIDE, Now thru Sep 1


Oliver, Philip and Sylvia are caught in a kind of erotic time warp. Their complex love triangle, replete with conflicting loyalties and passions, shifts from 1958 to the present and back again in a maelstrom of fantasy, repression and rebellion.

In one world, they’re forced to be strangers to both desire and to themselves, weighed down by cautious euphemisms and fearful self-censorship. In the other, the rainbow-stickered present, casual sex and empty style collides with the human heart.

This is one of those thoroughly grown-up plays, examining changing attitudes to love and sexuality on either side of the sexual revolution. Told with heart, humour and boundless empathy, this is a history of sorts.

Direction by Sophie Roberts, with design by John Verryt, Elizbeth Whiting and Jennifer Lal, and performance by Kip Chapman.

Today, August 9 to September 1st at the Herald Theatre, Auckland.

For tickets and more information Click Here.


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