Mark Hadlow Returns to the Court in WHEN THE RAIN STOPS FALLING, 8-29 March

Mark Hadlow Returns to the Court in WHEN THE RAIN STOPS FALLING, 8-29 March

Renowned New Zealand actor Mark Hadlow (Dori from The Hobbit) returns home to The Court in a tightly wrought drama of interwoven connections, understandings and mysteries. When the Rain Stops Falling is a compelling family saga that reverberates through four generations of one family moving from the claustrophobia of a 1950s London flat to the heart of the Australian desert in 2039. The stand out international play is epic in its scope, yet at the same time exceptionally intimate.

Mark Hadlow's film credits include playing Harry in King Kong, Dori in The Hobbit and providing voices for the 1989 Peter Jackson puppet film Meet the Feebles. His television credits include starring in The Billy T James Show and Willy Nilly. In addition, Jude and Lauren Gibson are real life mother and daughter. They are acting together in professional theatre for the very first time! Audiences should note that this play contains mature themes.

Cast: Gabriel York / Henry Law - Mark Hadlow, Elizabeth Law (older) - Yvonne Martin, Elizabeth Law (younger) - Lara Macgregor, Gabrielle York (older) - Jude Gibson, Gabrielle York (younger) - Lauren Gibson, Joe Ryan - Bruce Phillips, Gabriel Law - Cameron Douglas, Andrew Price - Guy Langford.

Crew: Director - Ross Gumbley, Assistant Director - Melanie Camp, Set Design - Mark McEntyre, Costume Design - Tina Hutchison-Thomas, Lighting Design - Giles Tanner, Sound Design - Sean Hawkins, Properties - Anneke Bester, Stage Manager - Cally Castell, Lighting and Sound Operator - Sean Hawkins, Production Manager - Mandy Perry.

Show Times are 6:30pm Mon & Thu, 7:30pm Tue, Wed, Fri, Sat, 2:00pm with a matinée Saturday 15 March. Tickets are $55-$21 at or 963 0870.

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