Street in James Gandolfini's Hometown to be Named After Late Actor

Street in James Gandolfini's Hometown to be Named After Late Actor

The Borough of Park Ridge, New Jersey will be naming a street, "James Gandolfini Way" in honor of native son actor, James Gandolfini at a Dec. 1 dedication ceremony.

The idea originated from a Facebook page started last June by Lori Joachim Fredrics, who attended high school with James Gandolfini. Ms. Fredrics also created a petition that was supported by friends, neighbors, classmates who grew up with Mr. Gandolfini in the small community of Park Ridge.

The Borough Council is expected to adopt a resolution officially bestowing the honorary street name five days before the ceremony, on Nov. 26.

"I am very pleased that the Borough Council and Mayor responded to the request in the petition this way," said Lori Joachim Fredrics. "Our community is so proud of James Gandofini's accomplishments, both as an actor and as a philanthropist, and having the main thoroughfare in our town bearing honorary signs will communicate this pride in a visible way."

Gandolfini grew up in a house that was located on the very street to be renamed, and maintained close ties with his local roots, including supporting The OctoberWoman Foundation, for Breast Cancer Research.

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