Darwin's Waiting Room to Present COMiCALiTY, 3/28-4/13

Darwin's Waiting Room to Present COMiCALiTY, 3/28-4/13

A family-friendly sketch comedy show where the familiar and unfamiliar blend together in creating a somewhat recognizable world that is slightly (and funnily) askew. Its The Twilight Zone meets Monty Python with a bit of farce.

After a sold-out one-night show in January, DARWiN'S WAiTiNG ROOM is bringing their new material written by Eric Doucet, G. Matthew Gaskell and Michael Kimball to The Players' Ring stage. Actors Sam Bennett, Michelle Blouin-Wright, Todd Fernald, Richard Harris, Megan Little, and Shay Willard help create an unforgettable show! Sketch topics include a father telling his centaur son that he was adopted, NASA astronauts needing tech support, some not-so-bright bank robbers and more.

Also returning to the stage, "Custody" by Eric Doucet, one of the original sketches from 2008, and recent fan favorite sketch "Kings of The Road" by Gaskell, featuring five fast-talking truckers on their CB radios.

DARWiN'S WAiTiNG ROOM is a collection of entertainers from the Seacoast of New Hampshire, managed by Kaitlyn Huwe, who work together to produce original, family-friendly comedy for the stage and screen. The group has been performing out of Portsmouth since 2008, and just returned from the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in Scotland after a three-week run!

Tickets for COMiCALITY cost $15 general admission; $12 for members, students and seniors. Tickets can be purchased online at playersring.org or reserve by calling (603-436-8123)

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