Netherlands Theatre Festival Kicks-Off September 1, 2012


Netherlands Theatre Festival Kicks-Off September 1, 2012

The stage is set for the Dutch theatre event of the year. with the Netherlands Theatre Festival, running September 1 through September 11, 2012.

The Netherlands Theatre Festival brings together the ten best theatre productions of the season, including the highly esteemed Theatre Prize nominees as chosen by the public and the 'Golden Cricket' award for the best children's play.

The public is invited to experience quality theatre and the awards ceremony, as the performers vie for awards including Louis D'Or and Theo D'Or, the BNG Nieuwe Theatermakersprijs and the Dioraphte Amsterdam Fringe Award.

Many of the Netherlands Theatre Festival performances - including the The Best of Dutch and Flemish Theatre Official Jury Selection 2010 - are subtitled in English for those rusty with the Dutch language.

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