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First Previews of JERSEY BOYS Cancelled


First Previews of JERSEY BOYS Cancelled

Due to "an early-phase pneumonia and vocal problems" of Rene van Kooten, who plays the role of Tommy DeVito, the very first previews of the Dutch JERSEY BOYS have been cancelled.

Stage Entertainment, producing the show in the Beatrix Theatre in Utrecht, announced this news late today. The first preview will now take place on Saturday, September 14th. Patrons with tickets for the performances of September 11th, 12th and 13th will be offered alternative dates.

It is unclear if Van Kooten will perform from the 14th onwards, or why no understudy has been available to play tonight's show.

Of the four actors portraying the Four Seasons in the show, Van Kooten actually has the most marquee value in the Netherlands, having played such roles as Jean Valjean in LES MISERABLES and Radames in AIDA.

Photo: the Dutch JERSEY BOYS, with Van Kooten second of the right (photo credit: Stage Entertainment).

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