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clinton vs. sanders your vote?
Started By: South Florida
1,7451,088,2652/7/16 6:37pm
Hello, My Name Is Doris
Started By: Jordan Catalano
51892/7/16 6:13pm
Trump & Phantom
Started By: phantom8019
0202/7/16 5:59pm
Here's the only Super Bowl worth watching, thanks to Debbie Reynolds
Started By: FindingNamo
6952/7/16 4:59pm
Academy takes historic action to increase diversity
Started By: best12bars
39316,4682/7/16 4:11pm
The GOP race has turned ugly
Started By: javero
41442/7/16 3:52pm
Steve C.
Weekly SNL thread
Started By: jasonf
1,7811,709,1432/7/16 3:38pm
Would you be interest in this kind of gay-themed musical?
Started By: MadViolist
83422/7/16 2:21pm
Mister Matt
Hail, Caesar!
Started By: Fantod
361,1332/7/16 2:08pm
Mister Matt
Pride And Prejudice And Zombies
Started By: ArtMan
2882/7/16 12:36pm
Mr Roxy
Dave19, you've earned your own thread
Started By: javero
21242/7/16 12:04pm
Off Broadway: Missed conections: A Craigslist musical
Started By: rbrauna
0302/7/16 10:40am
Bible Talk-The Gay Mafia
Started By: Mrs Mangel
31312/7/16 2:16am
Mrs Mangel
Fireworks! Right now!
Started By: bunnie3
31692/7/16 12:44am
"Making A Murderer"
Started By: ucjrdude902
132,8282/7/16 12:02am
A New "View" Starts Today
Started By: ucjrdude902
735308,9912/6/16 11:41pm
separated at birth
Started By: Jane2
0542/6/16 11:27pm
Triumph, the comic insult dog at the DEM debate. OMG I m dyin'!!!( laughing)
Started By: bunnie3
0932/6/16 10:52pm
Maurice White, founder of Earth, Wind & Fire, passes away
Started By: uncageg
31342/6/16 10:06pm
Has Anyone Ever Attempted a Career-Change?
Started By: javero
116792/6/16 6:48pm
Mr Roxy
Raphael Schumacher news story? Warning: graphic, horrific story re actor
Started By: bunnie3
73882/6/16 12:42pm
Shock Treatment to come to the stage
Started By: FindingNamo
388,7572/6/16 11:57am
Remembering COP ROCK (1990)
Started By: Borstalboy
163,4402/6/16 7:13am
Can The Adults Please Smoke? 38 and FEELING GREAT!!
Started By: bdwaygirl
788186,5562/5/16 10:26pm
TV Reviews: "The People v. O.J. Simpson: American Crime Story"
Started By: DAME
251,9862/5/16 8:28pm
Australian Open 2016
Started By: javero
121,4562/5/16 4:18pm
The Glenbuck Laird
X Files & Transgender Theme
Started By: Steve C.
95032/5/16 4:08pm
Ted Cruz sings showtunes.
Started By: DAME
124602/5/16 2:59pm
Someone in a Tree2
St. Mark's Bookshop having a killer sale
Started By: Borstalboy
11472/5/16 2:51pm
Parody of "The Producers" with Max & Leo as Donald Trump's backers
Started By: sharilynj
0702/5/16 2:21pm
How Ryan Murphy plans to fix Hollywood's diversity problem
Started By: Shrek3
32052/5/16 1:27pm
The Revenant
Started By: Mister Matt
587,9802/5/16 8:45am
Scientists have discovered what causes Resting Bitch Face
Started By: best12bars
94762/4/16 9:58pm
PIPPIN, as performed by the 2016 Presidential hopefuls
Started By: themysteriousgrowl
73982/4/16 3:57pm
Leave Her To Heaven on TCM
Started By: Steve C.
144,1702/4/16 3:27pm
Mr Roxy
Bob Elliot R.I.P
Started By: SNAFU
21852/4/16 10:02am
Isn't The Good Wife great?
Started By: Jay Lerner-Z
18078,6032/3/16 1:46pm
Petralicious Caucus thread?
Started By: bunnie3
772,4102/3/16 12:27pm
The Interview: Olivia de Havilland
Started By: carolineorchange21
72,0532/2/16 5:09pm
South Florida
No more Mr. Nice Guy!
Started By: theaterfan15
373,7282/2/16 5:07pm
Shootings! Shootings! Shootings! Today's and tomorrow's shootings!
Started By: FindingNamo
855304,4902/2/16 4:35pm
The Wacky Races (commercial)
Started By: tazber
11402/2/16 4:23pm
Thank goodness, Polly Jean Harvey is back!
Started By: HorseTears
01032/2/16 6:31am
VA Tech students held in murder of 13 year old girl
Started By: FindingNamo
11932/2/16 1:46am
Crazy Ex-Girlfriend - anyone watch?
Started By: jasonf
4314,9842/2/16 1:09am
Steve C.
Project Runway All Stars Season 5
Started By: javero
11772/1/16 7:40pm
Comcast - suggestions on cutting the cord?
Started By: morosco
52552/1/16 4:51pm
Genetically Modified Mosquitoes
Started By: javero
52892/1/16 4:31pm
I had a dream about FindingNamo last night
Started By: themysteriousgrowl
436,6782/1/16 3:11pm
Potential "VALLEY OF THE DOLLS" remake news
Started By: ChgoTheatreGuy
124482/1/16 1:32pm
Phyllis Rogers Stone

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