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BWW Review: Dark & Stormy Delivers an Intense and Terrifying Production of the 1980s Play EXTREMITIES that is as Relevant and Topical as Ever
by Jill Schafer - August 31, 2015

With their sixth production in the three-year life of the company, Dark & Stormy once again delivers a short, intense, well-acted and directed play in an unconventional space. But EXTREMITIES has none of the dark humor that could be found in some of their past shows. It's all violence and drama and ... (more...)
BWW Reviews: The Minnesota Fringe Festival Delivers an Amazing Smorgasbord of Theater
by Jill Schafer - August 06, 2015

Helly my Broadway World Minneapolis friends. I know it's been a while since I've shared anything with you, but that's because I've been all-consumed by the 174-show 11-day festival that is the Minnesota Fringe. If you have not yet sampled from this glorious smorgasbord, don't worry, the fest continu... (more...)
BWW Reviews: Children's Theatre Company's Immersive Walking Theatrical Experience 20,000 LEAGUES UNDER THE SEA is the Best Game of Make-Believe Ever
by Jill Schafer - July 22, 2015

Children's Theatre Company's latest offering 20,000 LEAGUES UNDER THE SEA isn't what we usually think of as theater. But it is the best game of make-believe ever, and what is theater if not an elaborate game of make-believe? CTC is an expert at playing to their target audience while still creating a... (more...)
BWW Reviews: Girl Friday Productions' Rendition of the Classic American Comedy THE MATCHMAKER is an Absolute Delight
by Jill Schafer - July 20, 2015

Girl Friday Productions is a theater company that specializes in large cast classic American plays. The bad news is they only do one production every two years. The good news is it's worth the wait. In their first time partnering with Park Square Theatre, they're presenting Thornton Wilder's comedy ... (more...)
BWW Reviews: Classical Actors Ensemble's TWO GENTLEMAN OF VERONA is Shakespeare As It's Intended - Playful, Energetic, Immediate, and Outdoors!
by Jill Schafer - June 28, 2015

The best thing about living in Minnesota is: a) theater, and b) lakes. Combine those two, and you have about as perfect of a Minnesota experience as you can have. Classical Actors Ensemble is presenting Shakespeare's comedy TWO GENTLEMEN OF VERONA at Lake of the Isles (and other select locations) th... (more...)
BWW Reviews: The Guthrie Theater's CHOIR BOY Uses Music to Perfection in Telling This Affecting Coming of Age Story
by Jill Schafer - June 23, 2015

What do you get when you combine a talented young playwright, an excellent cast that includes five up-and-coming actors and two beloved veterans of local stages, stirring a capella gospel music arranged by a local musical legend, and the Twin Cities' best director of 'theater musically?' You get CHO... (more...)
BWW Reviews: Skylark Opera Offers Two Different but Equally Satisfying Music-Theater Shows in their Annual Summer Festival
by Jill Schafer - June 16, 2015

One of the theatrical highlights of the summer, Skylark Opera's Annual Summer Festival, is upon us! As usual, the two shows playing in repertoire include one that's more of a traditional opera (but always in English) and one that skews a bit more towards musical theater: Puccini's LA RONDINE and the... (more...)
BWW Reviews: In the Capable Hands of Gremlin Theatre, the Challenging New Play H2O is Funny, Painful, and Engaging
by Jill Schafer - June 11, 2015

The 2015 Torch Theater/Gremlin Theatre season at the Minneapolis Theatre Garage continues with the first all-Gremlin production, after the joint production, the dark and disturbing DEATH AND THE MAIDEN, and Torch's perfect screwball comedy BOEING BOEING earlier this year. For their production Gremli... (more...)
BWW Reviews: Pillsbury House Theatre's Moving THE GOSPEL OF LOVINGKINDESS Provides a Bit of Hope for a Weary World
by Jill Schafer - June 03, 2015

Watching the news can make one feel discouraged and hopeless about the state of the world, with increasing violence around the world and in our own neighborhoods. At Pillsbury House Theatre, they're trying to make some sense of it and provide a bit of hope by preaching THE GOSPEL OF LOVINGKINDESS, a... (more...)
BWW Reviews: Ten Thousand Things Delights with FORGET ME NOT WHEN FAR AWAY, a New Play about Coming Home
by Jill Schafer - May 11, 2015

?The village of Farmingtown has been devoid of men for so long that when one returns from the far away and long-lasting war, the first woman he meets rushes up to him and inhales him deeply. This hilarious and oddly touching moment at the beginning of Kira Obolensky's new play FORGET ME NOT WHEN FAR... (more...)
BWW Reviews: It's the Story Between the Hits that Makes JERSEY BOYS a Continued Success
by Jill Schafer - April 30, 2015

The jukebox musical JERSEY BOYS is a crowd-pleaser. The story of Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons will celebrate 10 years on Broadway this fall and the tour is making its third stop in Minneapolis this week. At times during last night's opening night, the crowd reacted like this was a Four Seasons... (more...)
BWW Reviews: PETER PAN Takes Flight in a Magical New Production at Children's Theatre Company
by Jill Schafer - April 27, 2015

?Being a grown-up is hard. You have to be concerned about things like bills, a job, a house, traffic, the deterioration of the environment, and violence and injustice in our backyards and around the world. It's really a drag - no wonder Peter Pan doesn't want to be one! And while we boring and worri... (more...)
BWW Reviews: The Guthrie Theater's Grand Production of THE CRUCIBLE is a Compelling, Well-Executed Classic
by Jill Schafer - April 23, 2015

Arthur Miller's 1953 play THE CRUCIBLE is a classic of the American theater, and dramatizes one of the greatest failings of the American, or rather pre-American, judicial system. During the infamous Salem witch trials of the late 17th Century, twenty people were put to death for the crime of witchcr... (more...)
BWW Reviews: The Original Auto-Biographical Musical FRUIT FLY: THE MUSICAL is a Hilarious and Endearing Ode to Friendship
by Jill Schafer - March 30, 2015

Have you ever imagined your life as a musical? Lifelong BFFs Max and Sheena have done more than imagine it - they've written it! And since in addition to being best friends, Max Wojtanowicz and Sheena Janson are both super talented music-theater artists* (you may know Max from the Children's Theatre... (more...)
BWW Reviews: Theatre Forever's New Original Creation NATURE CROWN is a Lovely, Amusing, Poignant Look at the Idea of Home
by Jill Schafer - March 25, 2015

I went to see Theatre Forever's newest creation NATURE CROWN in the Guthrie's Dowling Studio Theater not knowing what it was about. I left the theater still not knowing exactly what it was about, except that it's lovely, delightful, innovative, poignant, creative, and incredibly moving. The original... (more...)
by Kristen Hirsch Montag - March 23, 2015

A fast, fun, flirtatious farce that takes place in the French Riviera is perfectly suited to take audiences away from it all in the Twin Cities out to the Old Log Theater for a little spring break.... (more...)
BWW Reviews: The Hilarious '60s Romantic Farce BOEING BOEING is Perfectly Executed by Torch Theater
by Jill Schafer - March 20, 2015

BOEING BOEING is the perfect screwball comedy. Though this tale of an American playboy in Paris with three 'air hostess' fiances was a hit in France, the English translation flopped on Broadway in 1965. But the revival over 40 years later was a hit and spurred a flood of regional productions around ... (more...)
BWW Reviews: BEAUTY AND THE BEAST Hits the Right Notes
by Kristen Hirsch Montag - March 12, 2015

Crowd pleasing BEAUTY AND THE BEAST is reimagined in this production of the 20-year-old musical tale as old as time.... (more...)
BWW Reviews: Theater Latte Da's Production of Sondheim's INTO THE WOODS is Sparse, Inventive, and Gorgeous
by Jill Schafer - March 11, 2015

I first saw the Stephen Sondheim/James Lapine musical fairy tale mash up INTO THE WOODS four years ago, and have seen it several times since then, including the recent star-studded movie. Every time I see it I like it more. I think Sondheim is like Shakespeare in that it has a very specific rhythm a... (more...)
BWW Reviews: Mixed Blood Theatre's HIR is a Challenging and Rewarding Look at Changing Family Dynamics and Gender Roles and Identities
by Jill Schafer - March 01, 2015

The English language is in need of a gender-neutral pronoun. Firstly to eliminate the awkward 'he or she' and 'his or her,' but also to refer to people who don't identify with either, or in cases where gender really doesn't matter (which is most cases). The title of the new play HIR (pronounced here... (more...)
BWW Reviews: POP UP MUSICAL at the Plymouth Playhouse is a Delightfully Irreverent Ode to the Love of Musical Theater
by Jill Schafer - February 27, 2015

Musical theater is just the best thing, isn't it? If you agree, head west to the Plymouth Playhouse for the latest incarnation of the delightfully irreverent tribute to the love of all things musical theater, aka POP UP MUSICAL. Four friends, who just happen to be super talented local music-theater ... (more...)
BWW Reviews: PIPPIN is High Flying Fun
by Kristen Hirsch Montag - February 19, 2015

Tony Award-winning PIPPIN is an acrobatic, twisty, flying, leaping, twirling revival that wowed the Orpheum Theatre crowd in Minneapolis and provides thoughtful insight into the thing called life.... (more...)
BWW Reviews: The Guthrie Theater's Magical, Mystical, Mischievous MIDSUMMER NIGHT'S DREAM Is A Midwinter Delight
by Jill Schafer - February 17, 2015

Yesterday I sat on the famous thrust stage of the Guthrie Theater and watched a bunch of soldiers, lovers, and fairies dance, sing, fly, converse, love, hate, and generally cavort around in a bare circular space. Or was it all a dream? Such is the Guthrie's latest production of perhaps Shakespeare's... (more...)
BWW Reviews: Ten Thousand Things' Sparsely Lovely THE UNSINKABLE MOLLY BROWN Gets Right to the Heart of the Sweet and Inspiring Story
by Jill Schafer - February 16, 2015

No one does musicals like Ten Thousand Things does musicals. And even though it defies everything we know about musical theater, after seeing a TTT musical I think that maybe that's the way musicals should always be done. The music, like everything else about the show, is stripped down to the very b... (more...)
BWW Reviews: Theater Latte Da and Hennepin Theatre Trust Collaborate on a Spectacular and Poignant Re-Imagined OLIVER!
by Jill Schafer - February 11, 2015

Theater Latte Da and Hennepin Theatre Trust have formed a beautiful partnership called 'Broadway Re-Imagined,' in which they combine the resources of the Trust with the creativity and innovation of Latte Da to produce a Broadway-sized musical with all local talent and that special Latte Da twist. Af... (more...)