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A MIDSUMMER NIGHT'S DREAM Shares More Than Just A Great Story

May 11
10:44 PM 2014
A MIDSUMMER NIGHT'S DREAM Shares More Than Just A Great Story

Nicolet High School just outside of Milwaukee, Wisconsin had a very special performance of MIDSUMMER NIGHT'S DREAM over the weekend. While the show itself was extraordinary, as extraordinary is the school's theater director, Mr. Kenn Miller. Mr. Miller marked his final production at Nicholet High School. After 32 years as an example of hard work and dedication to the drama program, Mr. Miller will retire. Students gathered from years gone by to be a part of the final show and honor this man. Many great things were said about him.

Gillian Spence (Class of 2006): "Mr. M taught us the value of hard work and the power of passionate people, even if those people are full of teenage angst and dramatic flair."

Maxwell Pilson (Class of 2015): "He showed me what I love, what I'm good at, and who I am, and I have him to thank for the rest of my life."

Andrew Leib (Class of 2007): "Mr. Miller pushed me as an actor like no one had before. After doing theater in college, I realized how lucky I was to be a part of such an amazing public high school theater program. Truly an inspiring guy."

Richard Kern (Class of 2009) : "He taught me two things: How to optimize the interruption of a laughing audience and the power of the mustache."

Ingrid Matte (Class of 1986): "Mr. Miller taught me to be fearless in front of groups - which has ended up being a big part of my working career. When I think back to my years with Mr. Miller I realize I learned a lot about poise and confidence. He taught me to just be prepared and not get too caught up in what you think everybody thinks. That, and always do an up-tempo musical...."

Sarah Rosenthal (Class of 2014): "He taught me that you do not always need to be the star or have the most recognition to succeed. He was inspired me to set goals and strive to achieve them. He is without a doubt the most talented person I know."

Becca Segal (Class of 2004): "Mr. M was like a second dad to all of us, and the theatre was a second home. He taught me to trust myself and do what I believed in, nurturing my talents on stage and in stage crew (that until then I didn't know I had!), and fostering my overall confidence as a person through his dry humor and quiet approval."

Anne Melzer (Class of 1999): Mr. M provided us all with such a wonderful space and atmosphere to learn self-confidence and make some amazing friends. High school can be rough, but I have so many good memories and lifelong friends from the e wing.

Aliza Riley Werner (Class of 1999): He gave this girl an opportunity to build confidence, a place to channel the many emotions of a teenager, a space to meet and make friends, and the high expectations to reach for success. My Nicolet theatre life inspired me to start my own theater group in college (where I acted, directed, and worked behind the scenes), and to direct and choreograph my middle school students in some amazing shows.

As Mr. Miller spoke to the audience, he thanked the many people for their dedication as well who helped along the way including the school's administration that supported the program throughout the years. He stressed the importance of theater in the high schools. As Mr. Miller retires, his legacy will continue on at Nicolet High School and within the many, many students whose lives he has touched. He will be missed.

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