Shaolin Warriors Come to Merrill Auditorium, 11/17

November 7
9:09 AM 2012
Shaolin Warriors Come to Merrill Auditorium, 11/17

Portland Ovations brings the Shaolin Warriors to Merrill Auditorium for a family friendly performance Saturday, November 17th at 7pm.

Nearly 1,500 years after the Shaolin monastery was founded, more than 20 Shaolin kung fu masters bring their remarkable mental and physical skills and stunning movement to audiences throughout the world in this fully choreographed theatrical production. Shaolin kung fu and its culture was established from the system of defense the warriors developed by meditating on the attack and defense movements of animals that lived near their monastery called wushu. Each Shaolin Warrior trains from a very young age to master the unimaginable feats one only thought possible in movies. The Washington Post best describes the Shaolin Warriors performance as, "...they combine the agility and grace of gymnasts with the showmanship of Cirque du Soleil performers."

Tickets for Shaolin Warriors range from $29 to $40 for Ovations' Members and $32 to $44 for the general public. IDEXX Laboratories generously sponsors the Portland Ovations presentation of Shaolin Warriors. To purchase tickets visit, contact PortTix at 207-842-0800 or stop by the box office window at Merrill Auditorium.



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