The Vagrancy Presents THE CONDUCT OF LIFE, Now thru 6/28

June 6
12:30 AM 2014
The Vagrancy Presents THE CONDUCT OF LIFE, Now thru 6/28

The Conduct Of Life traverses the volatile relationships and status woes of Orlando, an ambitious climbing lieutenant commander, his vigorous and trusting wife, Leticia, and their collection of servants, friends and/or prisoners. In this dark, gritty exploration of how people live complicit with an improvident government, we witness five characters use sex, violence, power, class struggle, and their own humanity to feed The Beast.

Director Sabina Ptasznik shares, "The play is about a world in which tenderness and hope are the greatest threats to the status quo. A world very much like our own, where we live in numb acceptance because we've got fancy cars, big houses and pleasant enough dogs. It begs us to wake up and take action."

The Conduct Of Life features Gaven VanOver, Karina Wolfe, Jeremy Mascia, Belinda Gosbee, and Aniela Gonzales.

Production staff for The Conduct Of Life includes Sabina Ptasznik, director; Nick Santiago, scenic design; Ric Zimmerman, lighting design; Martin Carrillo, sound design; John Houston, costume design;, TaShaunna Peterman, stage manager; Daniel Gonzales, assistant stage manager/props; Caitlin Hart, producer.

"It seems impossible not to connect the truthfulness in Fornes' plays, their alertness of depicting, their unfacile compassionateness, with a certain character, a certain virtue," says Susan Sontag, speaking on Maria Irene Fornes, author of The Conduct of Life.

Maria Irene Fornes is a celebrated Cuban-American avant garde playwright and director and was a leading figure of the Off-Off-Broadway movement in the 1960s. Fornes' themes often focus on poverty and feminism, and she has won a total of nine Obie Awards throughout her writing career. Other notable works include Fefu and Her Friends, Mud, Letters From Cuba, Sarita, Promenade, and The Successful Life of 3.

The Vagrancy is a daring and award-winning Los Angeles-based theatre company. The Vagrancy creates socially relevant and visceral work that seeks to touch the human spirit and boldly rock the boat. Caitlin Hart and Sabina Ptasznik, Co-Artistic Directors; Jordan Scovel, Company Manager; Cort Brinkerhoff, Literary Manager; Becky Pierce, Managing Director; Jeremy Mascia, Graphic Designer; Karina Wolfe, Public Relations; Steve Madar, Literary Manager Assistant; Anne Butler, Education Partner; Nina Harada, Chamberpot Editor; Stephanie O'Neil, Tactical Reads Associate Producer; Rosemary Stevens, Donor Love; Arthur Keng, Master of the Website.

The Vagrancy's 2013 production of White Hot by Tommy Smith played to sold-out houses and brought sizzling dialogue to the theatre community during the Hollywood Fringe Festival. White Hot was winner of Best of Ensemble Theatre 2013, winner of Most Orgasmic Performer (Michal Sinnot), winner of Best Lighting Design (Ric Zimmerman), and nominate for Top of Fringe '13.

The Conduct Of Lifr plays for 5 performances only: Tonight, June 6th at 8:30PM, Saturday, June 14th at 10:00PM, Wednesday, June 18th at 10:00PM, Wednesday, June 25th at 7:00PM, and Saturday, June 28th at 9:00PM at Theatre Asylum Lab, 1078 Lillian Way (@ Santa Monica Blvd.). Hollywood, CA 90038. The show has a 60 minute running time.

Tickets are $15.00 general admission, $10.00 for Fringe participants, and $7.50 for LA Stage Alliance members. For more information visit

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