Lauren Patrice Nadler Presents 2nd Installment of The MaD JaCKRaTS MAKIN' A MOVIE

August 7
6:51 AM 2014

Lauren Patrice Nadler Presents 2nd Installment of The MaD JaCKRaTS MAKIN' A MOVIE

If you missed the premiere in July here is another chance to join in the fun on Sunday, August 17th at 8pm at ACME Comedy 135 North La Brea Ave.Hollywood, CA 90036 when Lauren Patrice Nadler presents the 2nd installment of the monthly LPNSImprov Show featuring The MaD JaCKRaTS MAKIN' A MOVIE.

What is the MAKIN' A MOVIE LPN Studio Improv Format?? It is a full blown comedy performance with wardrobe and props. It might even seem scripted...but IT IS 100% ON THE FLY.

This exciting hilarious, one of a kind Improv show, truly like NO other, stars the brilliantly talented: Micky Shiloah, Michael Franklin, Matt Helfer, Desiree Hall, Jeremy Howard, Chadwick Armstrong, Kuali'l Wittman, Reza Breakstone, Tina Orloff & Susana Woo.

Tickets are only sold through the theater at the link below or at the door. Only $10 in Advance $15 at the Door. Purcahse in advance at

True industry should contact us for comps at

MAKIN' A MOVIE is taught exclusively by Lauren at LPN Studios and now being framed as an action packed fun filled evening that you will not want to end, you will laugh your butt off and YOU get to kick it off with a suggestion.

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