Julie Newmar to Present HOW TO BE A GREAT BEAUTY at Salon Goo, 5/3

Julie Newmar to Present HOW TO BE A GREAT BEAUTY at Salon Goo, 5/3On Sat, May 3rd, 2014, Salon Goo will present "How To Be A Great Beauty" with Julie Newmar.Revealed! Secrets from the great beauty herself, this will be Ms. Newmar's first lecture on the subject.

The event will be held on Saturday, May 3rd from 3 to 5 pm. Free and open to the public. The Goo Salon is located at 459 1/2 N Fairfax Ave, LA, Ca 90036. Call 323-653-1299 for more information.

"What is it to be a great beauty? When is someone most beautiful? Let's discover answers together, on how to be a great beauty, even though you think you're not one," says Ms. Newmar

Julie will answer questions and discuss topics, such as:

- IMAGE: By seeing the inherent beauty, intelligence, mastery in others they will see it in you. This is the MIRROR you want.

- VOICES: Where does your sound come from? You can't be beautiful, if you don't sound beautiful.

- BODY: Tall or short, there is one element that defines the spirit that becomes your body and that is your spine. Lift it, give your head something to balance on, then breathe and smile.

- LIGHT: All the great stars know where their light is coming from, no matter where they are. We call it the key light.

- MAKE-UP TRICKS: One trick is - unless your eyes are the size of saucers, never, never put eyeliner inside your lash line.

- HAIR: I don't care what color it is, I'm not too fond of streaking. It sort of screams "I'm artificial."

- DRESS: Most people offend the eye. Logos on T-shirts look like you are on minimum wage, wearing a sandwich board. What were they thinking? They weren't!

- BE CLASSIC: Ralph Lauren made a billion dollars with his RL classic look. For a few dollars more, go simple. The clothes don't enter the room, you do. Walk with dignity. "Everything is working out for me". Think this way.

- WHO IS GORGEOUS? Who are your dress idols? Olivia de Havilland at 96 looks absolutely stunning. Brooke Astor at her 100th birthday party in blue, looking absolutely gorgeous.

- RANDOM ADVICE: If you don't have a 3 way mirror, you shouldn't go out in public, under any circumstances.

"We can all be... more marvelous," insists Ms. Newmar.

About the venue: In the year 1999, long before what has now become known as the Fairfax District "invasion of the hipster" Molly Scargall, a Vidale Sassoon trained visionary, opened up Salon Goo; A beautiful and fun full service hair salon with a playful and glamorous interior. A place where people feel invited and relaxed to be themselves. 15 years later, Salon Goo is still thriving as much as ever as the original on the block.

Photo Credit: Harry Landon

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