Based on a True Story, MUNTED Opens in LA July 3

Based on a True Story, MUNTED Opens in LA July 3

BARE HUNT COLLECTIVE along with THE STELLA ADLER THEATRE are proud to present a thought-provoking drama, "MUNTED" by Victoria Abbott, based on the real life event of 9/22/11 and opening at The Stella Adler Theatre on July 3rd, at 8:00PM. Tickets are $20.00 and available in advance at:

On September 22nd 2011, after a 7.1 earthquake outside of the city, Christchurch in the South Island of New Zealand experienced a devastating 6.1 magnitude earthquake in its centre. The entire fabric of a vibrant city changed forever in those 30 seconds. A few months later, Bare Hunt Collective returned to Christchurch and interviewed members of the Christchurch community.

MUNTED is a theatrical presentation of their stories.

Meet the family running the local Grocery Store, the Dentist, the Policewoman, the 4 year old boy, the Young Couple, the Older Couple, the TV Reporters, the Camera Man and the Teacher. Meet a community not so different from yours; meet New Zealand in the midst of dealing with the biggest event in its recent history.

By using the words of earthquake survivors, the show manages to present an upbeat message. Yet the tragedy of what happened is neither avoided nor taken for granted. We in the audience are moved. We are moved by the simple embodiment of the actors showing us the experiences, bemusement, exhilaration, trauma, loss - of those that were there.

MUNTED magnifies the strength of the human spirit and shows how a community can unite in the wake of such a tragedy. It is a show that gives a voice to a community that you wouldn't hear otherwise. This is a piece of theater that shows what it is to come together. It is for YOU, YOUR family and YOUR community.

MUNTED is an engaging, amusing, thought-provoking play edited together from interviews conducted a month after the earthquake with TV reporters and members of the Christchurch community. Jackie Shaw, Victoria Abbott and Frith Horan embody 15 people on stage within an hour show. The words are 100% verbatim. The stories are real. Stories of loss, peppered with humor and perspective on one of New Zealand's "worst national tragedies" are told in direct speech. MUNTED finds laughter amongst grief and a strengthened community in the heart of the shaken city.


Playwright Victoria Abbott
Directed by Katharine McGill
Managing Director John Jack Rodgers
Starring Jackie Shaw, Victoria Abbott and Frith Horan

"MUNTED is Powerful and Humane, yet often humorous" - John Smythe,

"Here's a night out at the theater for anyone who's ever questioned the relevance of live
performance" - Lynn Freeman, Capital Times

"SHARP, TIGHT, WITTY & POWERFUL" - Stephen Austin,

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