BWW Reviews: EX(IT) WOUNDS Takes a Trashingly Refreshing Look at Real Break-Up Letters

February 8
6:12 AM 2013

BWW Reviews: EX(IT) WOUNDS Takes a Trashingly Refreshing Look at Real Break-Up Letters

All things must come to an end. Even love. Especially love.

Most of us have been through it - you think a relationship is going along great when out of the blue, you get the letter, email, or message calling it off, sometimes for reasons which make absolutely no sense to you. Given the chance, wouldn't you want to yell back at your computer screen at the jerk dumping you?

I guarantee you will watch in shock and guffaws as the cast of EX(IT) WOUNDS reinterpret the best (but not necessarily the brightest) real life break-up letters, emails, and Facebook messages into a comic cabaret of songs, spoken word, dance, and even puppetry. Best part? All the letters are entirely, 100% REAL although names have been changed to protect the innocent (and the guilty!). The show was a smash hit in Chicago running for 6 years, garnering much praise. Now in Los Angeles on Thursdays, February 7, 14, and 21 at 7:30pm at the IO Mainstage, 6366 Hollywood Blvd., LA 90028, EX(IT) WOUNDS is armed with a new hip audience, new letters, emails, texts, and Facebook messages, and will prove to be a balm for the brokenhearted in the City of Angels.

The night I was there, the cast included Jennifer Blake, Kathryn Burns, Lauren McCarthy, Burl Moseley, Peter Stalock, and Will McMichaelson with special guests FRANGELA who stole the show with their improv response to a message they were given to read just before taking the stage. Frances and Angela romped from bit to bit, mocking and reveling in the stupidity of the man who cannot spell. "Dwelve? Dwelve? What are you, from Middle Earth?" Somehow the routine worked its way to comparing the unknown word to fracking the Earth and had the audience, as well as other members of the cast, laughing hysterically

Letter topics range from who gets the dog, men who just don't get it, a break-up two weeks before a wedding, a recently divorced man coming to terms with its emotional aftermath, an email sent from jail begging his ex for money, to internet dating gone terribly wrong which was highlighted by a routine using flip cards to show time passing ever so slowly late at night with Lauren McCarthy flip-flopping between accepting the break-up and still wanting to get together, begging for just one call or text that will, of course, never be received. Been there, haven't you? You will feel her pain even as you laugh at her absurd behavior.

And guys, just one suggestion I hope you will follow. Do not look for fulfillment in the vaginas of strangers! Yes, that is from a real break-up letter. And that's just one of the choice phrases that will keep you laughing during EX(IT) WOUNDS!!!

Tickets are only $5 and you can meet the cast at the bar after the show to discuss your own examples of foolish behavior when it comes to love. Bring your own letter from a failed relationship and tickets are two-for-one. Upcoming special guests include Jason Ritter on 2/14, Chris Gore and Mary Elizabeth Ellis on 2/1. Reservations (323) 962-7560. Twitter @exitwoundsla

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