BWW Blog: Touring MARY POPPINS' Nicolas Dromard - Day #3

August 30
10:25 AM 2012


Ah LA. Another day full of fun things to do before heading to the show. First the fun things. Met up with my pal Matthew Rocheleau. You may have seen him on the Fiat commercial a while back. The commercial is about this gorgeous Italian woman and then Matthew is in it somewhere. All I remember is this gorgeous Italian woman...

We met at this really cool LA coffee joint close to the Grove. It's called Graffiti. I don't know why, it's pristine and clean and almost looks like an art museum. You can see three photos of the art hung up on the wall, real orchids and this gorgeous fireplace. Oh and they serve my favourite coffee, Intelligentsia! Amazing!

After meeting up for coffee, I went to Crunch gym to do some weight training and cardio. That's right. No rest for the wicked. Or for the Poppins (get it?!) Right after the gym I had another coffee date with my friend Joseph Corella. We know each other from doing dance competitions back in the day. I used to compete quite a lot when I was younger, between the ages of 13 and 18 I was competing yearly, my parents spending so much money on entry fees and costumes etc. I loved it. I was one of the only boys competing in this world with a bunch of women. Ha! I would get teased in high school, yes. "You're gay, you take dance classes," said the jocks. While they were tackling other dudes and slapping their butts when they got a touchdown, I was in a room surrounded by beautiful girls in skin tight body suits. And I'm the gay one....

But I digress. After I had coffee with Joseph, I headed to the theatre for a rehearsal. You see Rachel Wallace is leaving the tour of Mary Poppins at the end of LA and we have a new Mary coming in. I don't know if it's announced yet, but if you're in the know, you know who it is. I'll keep it a secret for now.

Anyway, this lovely Mary and I had some rehearsals because she will be performing this Friday and so we needed to go over some changes and what not. The thing is, we have two shows tomorrow (a rare occasion on a Thursday) and then there's her put in rehearsal on Friday and then she's on! I can't wait. I love having a new actress as Mary or in any long running show. It mixes things up a bit, as every actress is different and unique.

After the show I went to this really fun Tiki bar in Los Angeles. I had another friend, my guitarist pal Justin, that wanted to catch up. I know, I know, it seems that I'm only meeting up with friends, but let me tell you: I've been here for four weeks now and of course everybody is scrambling to catch up with me during my last week!

Now I'm going to go watch So You Think You Can Dance. Or as I like to call it Tu Penses Que Tu Peux Danser. Good night and thanks for reading!



BWW Blog: Touring MARY POPPINS' Nicolas Dromard - Day #3 

BWW Blog: Touring MARY POPPINS' Nicolas Dromard - Day #3

BWW Blog: Touring MARY POPPINS' Nicolas Dromard - Day #3

BWW Blog: Touring MARY POPPINS' Nicolas Dromard - Day #3




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