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Elizabeth Vincentelli Has Been Let Go From the NY Post!
Started By: Jeffrey Karasarides
142,1366/24/16 7:57pm
SOLD: Color Purple Orch Aisle Ticket for Sun, 6/26 matinee
Started By: indytallguy
1836/24/16 7:55pm
The Humans moving to the Schoenfeld
Started By: supersam1026
272,0396/24/16 7:50pm
SHUFFLE ALONG Sets Sudden Broadway Closing After Audra McDonald Departs
Started By: Rob
15321,3786/24/16 7:48pm
Leslie Odom Jr Leaving Hamilton
Started By: brdwayjunkie1391
31544,5036/24/16 7:24pm
War Paint begins previews at the Goodman in Chicago on June 28, 2016
Started By: jon5202
76366/24/16 7:18pm
The Color Purple or Bright Star
Started By: wish i were here2
21526/24/16 7:05pm
FROZEN to Arrive on Broadway in Spring 2018
Started By: BroadwayConcierge
29247,2206/24/16 7:04pm
Al Pacino to Play Tennessee Williams in New Play?
Started By: Jeffrey Karasarides
167776/24/16 6:55pm
Mike Daisey: The Trump Card, one ticket Sun June 26, 7 pm
Started By: indytallguy
0296/24/16 6:34pm
Cabaret Tour Musicians
Started By: MarkBearSF
44686/24/16 6:21pm
Was the 2014-15 Broadway season a bad season?
Started By: Clyde15
181,4516/24/16 6:14pm
Anatomy Of A Broadway Flop: What Sank These Four Shows?
Started By: Patti LuPone FANatic
424,3376/24/16 6:08pm
After Eight
July 7th Thurs, matinee for Hamilton?
Started By: rdsport323
56366/24/16 5:43pm
"Quiet Please, There's A Lady Onstage"
Started By: Patti LuPone FANatic
262,7406/24/16 5:41pm
Song at end of The Humans
Started By: BabsDel
33836/24/16 5:33pm
New song for Ellen in Miss Saigon
Started By: Dave19
70148,1736/24/16 5:22pm
Official "Beauty & the Beast" Film Adaptation Thread
Started By: n2nbaby
820407,8146/24/16 4:54pm
Hamilton Cancellation Line
Started By: Buddy Plummer2
2,917603,3826/24/16 4:43pm
Historical people/moments you want to see in a musical
Started By: outthere1998
351,2816/24/16 4:23pm
Born for This: The Bebe Winans Story Discounts
Started By: RW3
1946/24/16 4:18pm
Heisenberg tickets sale date ?
Started By: meyerd584
35136/24/16 4:05pm
Philadelphia's Academy of Music seating..partial view
Started By: adamgreer
2084,8676/24/16 4:02pm
Shuffle Along Merch
Started By: KRaser1
293,2096/24/16 3:55pm
2004 Tony Awards
Started By: plzstp
201,5856/24/16 3:31pm
If/Then Tour Matinee Stage Door
Started By: MannPhan24601
83496/24/16 3:00pm
Started By: After Eight
232,6106/24/16 2:58pm
Emma MK
She Loves Me Recording?
Started By: icecreambenjamin
12921,1166/24/16 2:53pm
Mr. Nowack
Barbara Cook Event Coming Up Monday 6/27
Started By: Miranda3
108196/24/16 2:32pm
Any thoughts on 'The Total Bent' ?
Started By: joe5
273,4066/24/16 2:29pm
BRONX TALE Tickets On Sale Now
Started By: JPeterman
01276/24/16 2:17pm
An American In Paris Closing
Started By: Jessetenny
283,6436/24/16 1:58pm
Encores Off Center
Started By: StageStruckLad
274,1696/24/16 1:44pm
Riedel on Great Comet's big price tag
Started By: 10086sunset
303,1616/24/16 1:36pm
School of Rock Previews
Started By: Tom Sawyer2
254125,0276/24/16 1:19pm
Radio City Spectacular?
Started By: Trish2
221,3156/24/16 12:25pm
TheaterMania Gold Club, Audience Extras, Play By Play
Started By: musicman_bwayfan
221225,2816/24/16 11:36am
The Official TDF Thread
Started By: BroadwayConcierge
19433,5896/24/16 11:33am
Shuffle Along Cast Album?
Started By: Jshan05
101,9036/24/16 11:02am
Shuffle Along poster?
Started By: Steve C.
01416/24/16 11:02am
Steve C.
Hamilton Tix for August and More
Started By: edwestside
16906/24/16 10:28am
Which Hamilton performances will be Filmed?
Started By: jafyats13
11514,4926/24/16 10:04am
HIPTIX Trade (She Loves Me)
Started By: Sunshine31
44776/24/16 9:52am
Ektor Rivera to replace Josh Segarra in On Your Feet
Started By: curel1
36816/24/16 9:38am
Cynthia Erivo in Aida Revival
Started By: NotAtAllAProducer
292,8126/24/16 9:34am
New Broadway Bound Show from the ART
Started By: FutureDirector
101,3396/24/16 9:23am
Liza's Headband
King & I final performance (7/26) - ticket available
Started By: yknot
58106/24/16 8:08am
More info on the new Sondheim and David Ives musical (NEW UPDATE, 2016)
Started By: ljay889
9449,1926/24/16 4:20am
Dreamcasting: Cynthia Erivo Edition
Started By: BroadwayConcierge
158576/24/16 3:44am
gypsy101 lawsuit and your overpriced Bdway shows
Started By: bundy5000
555,9766/24/16 12:42am

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42nd Street in Long Island42nd Street
Cultural Arts Playhouse
(Runs 6/10 - 7/3) PHOTOS
The Little Mermaid at The Noel S. Ruiz Theatre in Long IslandThe Little Mermaid at The Noel S. Ruiz Theatre
The Noel S. Ruiz Theatre at CM Performing Arts Center
(Runs 6/4 - 7/9) PHOTOS CAST
God Of Carnage in Long IslandGod Of Carnage
Merrick Theatre and Center for the Arts
(Runs 8/27 - 9/25)
In The Heights in Long IslandIn The Heights
Cultural Arts Playhouse
(Runs 7/8 - 7/31)
JUnie B. Jones The Musical in Long IslandJUnie B. Jones The Musical
Merrick Theatre and Center for the Arts
(Runs 9/10 - 10/22)