BWW Reviews: INSANITY Takes Over Murder Mysteries

September 27
7:33 AM 2013

Mississippi Murder Mysteries, a thrilling dinner theatre troupe based around the greater metro area, is about to make a triumphant return on October 15th with their brand new show, Death By Insanity, written by Tom Lestrade.

In the show, Dr. Hayden Nuff, and his wife, Nadia Nuff, are out to celebrate a simple anniversary dinner. Oliver C. Razy, though, one of Dr. Nuff's many patients at the Institute for the Perpetually Disturbed, is having a crisis which he decides to share with the world... or at least all the rest of Dr. Nuff's patients! Anne Ziety is passive aggressively trying to "quit" Dr. Nuff for another shrink. Hal Nations shows up with his domineering wife, Lucy Nations, to make Hayden handle his mental meltdown, but a surprised Lucy has another transaction in mind. Hayden's patients have become so codependent, he is stalked to the restaurant better than Lindsay Lohan's paparazzi! And Dr. Nuff's controlling wife, Nadia might just say "enough" to the interruptions, for the last time! Could one of these lithium losers have something lethal in mind?

Determined to keep a cool head about things, Dr. Nuff proceeds with Group Therapy to psychoanalyze each of his patients, and guests at the restaurant, and the Freudian slips come off!

This show will be the first to introduce "MMM" Murder Libs!!!, a brand new form of audience participation.

The first show will be at Rossini Cucina Italiana, located at 207 W Jackson Street, Ste A in Ridgeland, MS.

Cash Bar at 6pm, Seating at 6:30pm, show at 7pm.
$7 Cocktail Special - The Vegas Bomb

Price is $58.00, Meal, Tax, Tip & Show All Inclusive.

For tickets:

Future performances will be held:

Friday, October 25, 2013 at Great Southern Club in Gulfport, Mississippi

Sunday, October 27, 2013 at Anthony's Under The Oaks in Ocean Springs, Mississippi

For more information, check out Mississippi Murder Mysteries' official Facebook page:

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